Quick Takes After A Win In Arrowhead

Eight interceptions is an absolutely unreal number... when was the last time a Charger player lead the league in interceptions? Antonio Cromartie is just punishing quarterbacks that challenge him, and he's making it look easy. I'm not sure he'll ever be a great tackler; wanting to hit someone is an attitude and not something you can really coach. But if Cromartie can continue to ballhawk like he has this year, then there is no reason he wont be a perennial pro bowler.

It was nice to see Ladainian Tomlinson roll up 177 yards. That makes it like 13 times in his career he has rushed for 170+. LT has been running with a little more anger and its probably due to the fact that success on the ground hasn't come easy in 2007. LT is breaking tackles and fighting for those tough yards because he knows he has to maximize his opportunities - Norv Turnerhas been limiting Tomlinson to 20 carries a game (on average) but Tomlinson is getting plenty of looks in the passing game. LT already has 50 catches on the year compared to 56 in 2006, 51 in 2005, and 53 in 2004.

My opinion may not be a popular one, but I'm still unimpressed with the Chargers return game. If you take out that freak game against Indianapolis's terrible special teams, Darren Sproles' numbers on the year would be pretty awful. If Antonio Cromartie won't get a real opportunity to return kicks (and with Cromartie recently earning a starting spot on the defense its not likely he'll be used much as a returner), the Chargers are going to need to address the need for a bonafide return artist who can be consistent and provide some playmaking ability to both special teams as well as on offense.

It's been a roller coaster ride for Shawne Merriman all season long. Only a half a sack away from a double digit sack total, Merriman's have seem to come in bursts. There might be a period of a few games where Merriman goes without registering a single sack and then the following week will bust out with a three sack game. Nonetheless, Merriman is clearly more evolved as a linebacker than he has ever been in his career and should continue to dominate for years and years to come.

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December 2, 2007

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