Would You Buy Stock In Philip Rivers?

ESPN has put together a interesting website chronically charting a bunch of young Quarterbacks' performances over the past few years. The football guys at ESPN.com are basically trying to compare these young QBs growth/regression to the stock market. Philip Rivers is among the group analyzed. Asked if the ESPN guys would "buy, sell, or hold" Rivers, they advised holding onto stock in Rivers. He isn't a "buy" at this point because of a down year compared to last season, but he isn't a "sell" because he still winning games.


Philip Rivers, Chargers

San Diego took a step back offensively this season, but Rivers has shown signs of improvement. He has forced too many balls into coverage, leading to more interceptions (15) and a pedestrian passer rating so far (78.9).

Rivers, 25, spent two seasons behind veteran Drew Brees before helping San Diego to a 14-2 record in 2006, his first season as a starter.

"He's an accurate guy, but I wasn't impressed with his arm strength," the secondary coach said. "I was more impressed with his leadership and the other things he does, more than being a pure quarterback.

"You watch him and he has a good feel for the game, he knows where to go with the ball and who needs to get the ball. Some guys don't get that. You see guys all the time, it's a critical situation and they throw to some guy who never had a catch. Part of being a good player and a good quarterback is getting the ball to right guys."

The Chargers acquired wide receiver Chris Chambers from Miami, but they could use more at the position.

"It seems like his lack of receivers has really caught up with him," the NFC scout said. "Teams are taking [Antonio] Gates away and they had [center] Nick Hardwick hurt for a while, so they couldn't run the ball as well.

Check out cool stock chart here:

ESPN: QB Growth Stocks

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December 13, 2007

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