The Chargers Match Up Well With The Colts

It is not a coincidence that the Chargers have beaten the Colts in their last two meetings; San Diego matches up really with Indianapolis. When you look at the defending Super Bowl Champions, it obviously starts with the guy under center Mr. Peyton Manning. Manning is a guy with great pocket awareness, excellent football IQ, and possesses a hot release. Manning has never really destroyed great 3-4 defenses like the Patriots and Chargers because those defenses can disguise the rusher much easier. The recipe for success against the Colts is to pressure Manning and play some good coverage to keep the ball in Manning’s hands. He isn’t a guy like David Gerrard or Vince Young who can take off and pick up a first down with their feet. The Chargers’ secondary is going to be coming into the game with high confidence because they know that even with Marvin Harrison and Reggie Wayne in the game, they can still cover those guys man-to-man. Let’s not forget Dallas Clark who has been excellent for the Colts. He is similar to Antonio Gates in that he can run really well with a tight end-sized body and as a result he’ll line up in a variety of formations. But the Chargers’ have big and athletic linebackers who can really run; Wilhelm and Phillips will need to pick Dallas up at times and I am confidant that they are up for the task because they’ll be able to run him down and they have the size and power to make the tackle. The Chargers also have excellent special teams and the Colts have a pretty bad group. And obviously the Chargers can score just as many points as the Colts as both teams were top 5 in scoring during the 2007 regular season. Overall, I do not see the Chargers overly matched this Sunday and expect the team to win a close one on the road.

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January 10, 2008

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