Draft Day Wish List: DT Dre Moore

Heading into the offseason, I see the Chargers' run defense as the biggest area for improvement. Overall, the Chargers played very good defense in 2007 but they played their best when opponents attempted to pass the ball on them. The Chargers' sack total was great as where their interceptions and total takeaways. What they struggled with, however, was stopping the opponents' run game.

Overall, the defense allowed over 100 yards per game on average and over 4 yards a carry. However, these statistics don't tell the whole story; on third and short situations, the defense often times was unable to keep opponents from converting when they ran the ball. Allowing opponents to keep drives alive often equated in increased opportunities for them to score, and that’s not good.

The Chargers are likely going to look to improve their play against the run and fans would certainly love if the defense returned to their dominance. Adding a strong safety and another defensive tackle to the mix would do lots to help the defense in this area.

The Chargers got huge contributions from their backup linemen by playing everyone on a rotation. This allowed the starters to catch a breather and allowed them to play at a high level, and at the same time we would often see the backup come in and make a play immediately. Because the team values the philosophy of rotating their three down linemen so much, I feel that adding another playmaker to the mix would not only provide impact plays but also quality insurance in terms of depth (Luis Castillo was injured for a significant portion of the season). One prospect who I have been very high on is Dre Moore, a 6’4” 307lbs senior out of Maryland (Shawne Merriman’s alma matter)

Dre Moore is down in Mobile, Alabama at the Senior Bowl and his play has steadily been improving. He weighed in on day one at a somewhat flabby 307 pounds and understandably took some flak for that by draft analysts and bloggers. However as the week progressed, Dre Moore’s play on the football field drew the attention of many people. Here is what people are saying about him:

01/23/08 - On the South's defensive line, Maryland defensive tackle Dre Moore has made quite an impression and could fly under the radar. The 6-4, 306-pound lineman blew up just about every O-lineman in individual drills and opened up the team portion Tuesday by running through a guard and holding himself back because he would have crushed Kentucky quarterback Andre Woodson had it not been practice. - Larry Holder, Sun Herald

01/23/08 - Senior Bowl Wednesday South Team Practice: Dre Moore, DT, Maryland: Showed a good burst in one-on-one drills, getting up into his man's pads, lifting and bull rushing Cody Wallace, Steve Justice, and Mike McGlynn into the pocket. McGlynn's the only player who showed any anchor this week, however. During scrimmages Moore almost totally disappeared, not getting off the snap quickly, unless he happened to slant into the play.

01/23/08 - Senior Bowl Wednesday South Team Practice: Maryland's Dre' Moore enjoyed a strong Wednesday practice, as well. In a draft that very much levels off at defensive tackle after the two elite prospects (Glenn Dorsey, Sedrick Ellis), Moore is among the country's best combinations of size, strength, and quickness. He struggles with consistency, too often only showing flashes of his ability instead of actually making the play, but there is no denying his potential. Moore had an impressive series during individual drills against Cody Wallace and Steve Justice and later followed that up with an impressive showing against tough-guy Mike McGlynn. Moore's inconsistency reared its head a bit during the scrimmage, but, as a whole Moore helped himself today.

Risers- Dre Moore/DT/Maryland: He displayed great explosion off the snap and was unblockable for most of the day. Moore also went hard for most of practice, something he's not known for.


Another player proving himself coachable is Maryland defensive tackle Dre Moore. Moore was criticized loudly for not having a second move on pass rushes and responded with an excellent rip move on the next rep.

Maryland defensive tackle Dre Moore showed incredible explosion in one-on-one's but doesn't always sustain his effort.

Bowling Green center Kory Lichtensteiger really struggled with Dre Moore early on and it was starting to look like his size would be a major issue but later on he bounced back and held his own against Red Bryant.

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January 24, 2008

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Anonymous said... Jan 26, 2008, 11:04:00 PM

This guy may be great but he doesn't appear to be first round, and we don't have another pick until the 5th. Will he still be around?

Only chance would be trading our first to one of the teams with 2 seconds and picking him up late.

In the top of the first they'd more likely go with Balmer or Conner, if they're there.

I agree the run defense could use another body, if only to spell Williams, who could use a break.

Rob Zepeda said... Jan 27, 2008, 8:07:00 AM

When its all said and done, I think Dre Moore can move into the 30-40 overall range. Will the Chargers take Moore at 27? I'm not positive, but it wouldn't be that big of a reach.

If you think back to Luis Castillo and Igor Olshanksy, they were drafted in that low first, high second round range. Olshansky was taken 35th overall and Castillo was taken 28th.

As for drafting an Inside Linebacker, I just don't see the Chargers targeting one early. Anthony Waters was drafted last year in the third round and Brandon Siler has been a revelation considering he was a late rounder. Lets not forget Wilhelm and Cooper played very well last season and have signed new contracts.

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