Igor Olshansky Had A Career Year

I've said it numerous times this season, but its worth repeating: Igor Olshansky has been the Chargers' best defensive lineman in 2007. Jamal Williams gets much due credit for the Chargers being so stout up front but Olshansky gets overlooked at times and that is a shame. 2007 was an outstanding year for Igor; he posted career highs in tackles (49), sacks (3.5), defended passes (3), forced fumbles (3), and interceptions (1).

Olshansky is player who has steadily grown each season but it was this year that he his game to another level. Other linemen may have flasher stats but for a guy like Igor who has a certain role to play in the Chargers' scheme on defense, he has not only done what has been asked of him but he has also found ways to make plays that truly affect the outcome of a game. Igor is in his fourth year of a six-year rookie contract and it is my hope that the team can resign him in the offseason. He is more than deserving of a new deal and is well on his way to establishing himself as a premier defensive end in this league.

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January 7, 2008

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