Offensive Or Defensive Head Coaches; Which Is Better?

Looking at the playoff teams in the AFC we can clearly see a trend of head coaches who come from defensive backgrounds. The one omission to that trend is found in San Diego as Norv Turner is the only coach among AFC playoff team who does not come from a defensive background...

Jacksonville Jaguars
Head Coach - Jack Del Rio: Defense - Former NFL Linebacker, former NFL Linebackers Coach and former Defensive Coordinator. (Claim to fame; Linebackers Coach of the Super Bowl XXXV Champion Baltimore Ravens)

Pittsburgh Steelers
Head Coach - Mike Tomlin: Defense - Former Defensive Backs Coach, former Defensive Coordinator. (Claim to fame; Defensive Backs Coach of the Super Bowl XXXVII Champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers)

Tennessee Titans
Head Coach - Jeff Fisher: Defense - Former NCAA Defensive Back, former Defensive Coordinator. (Claim to fame; Defensive Assistant/Coordinator to coaching greats such as Buddy Ryan and Bill Walsh)

Indianapolis Colts
Head Coach - Tony Dungy: Defense - Former NFL Defensive Back, former Defensive Backs Coach, former Defensive Coordinator. (Claim to fame; Helped invent the Tampa 2 Defense, won NFC Championships as Head Coach of Tampa Bay, and won Super Bowl XLI as Indianapolis' Head Coach)

New England Patriots
Head Coach - Bill Belichick: Defense - Former Defensive Backs Coach, former Defensive Assistant, Former Defensive Coordinator. (Claim to fame; coached under Bill Parcells and won Super Bowls with the New York Giants. As Head Coach of the New England Patriots Belichick won three Super Bowls in four years.)

San Diego Chargers
Head Coach - Norv Turner: Offense - Former NCAA Quarterback, Former Wide Receivers Coach, Former Offensive Coordinator. (Claim to fame; Offensive Coordinator under Jimmy Johnson for the Dallas Cowboys. Won two Super Bowls in Dallas as Coordinator and is credited for the development of Hall Of Fame QB Troy Aikman)

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January 4, 2008

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