A Simple 'Thank-You' To The San Diego Chargers

At 23 years old I can't honest say I remember the last time the Chargers won a playoff game, so believe win I tell you that the feeling I had as the Chargers sewed up a victory today in Qualcomm Stadium was one I won't forget for some time. As uncharacteristic as having rain on a Sunday afternoon in San Diego, the Chargers did something special and won a crucial playoff game. The road to the Super Bowl is still being traveled but right now above all the season can be considered a successful one and one to be extremely proud of. This is not a franchise that has been known to be a playoff contender but that perception is changing and we have the entire organization, from the front office to the players on the field, to thank for that. And for the players who left everything on that football field to secure a victory, know that we fans shared in that victory with you and will not soon forget it. To some people it was just another football game but to the die-hard Chargers fans this win pulled a tremendous monkey off our backs and gives us a reason to hold our heads up high in the football community. I think I speak for Chargers fans the world over when I say we are extremely proud to call the Bolts our team and would like to extend a very sincere 'thank you' to everyone in the organization.

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January 6, 2008

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