AJ Smith Acknowledges The Draft Is Deep In Offensive Tackles

Chargers General Manager AJ Smith gave his state of the union, so to speak, on Thursday and he outlined his offseason plans. Smith is never one to go into great detail concerning his football operations, but he shed a little light on this upcoming draft:

What position do you feel is the deepest in this draft?

I don't want to get in to my opinion on that, except...lemme just give you this, I'll give you something; Tackles are deep. I've heard everybody talk about the tackles, around the league. So I'll join in with the GMs and the scouts. Very deep. Other than that, I don't want to get in to my opinion. I'm gonna go along with their opinions - Offensive tackles...deep, tremendous talent - AJ Smith

With went on record multiple times saying he is looking at all positions in the draft except kicker, punter, and tight end. Other than those positions, Smith said he will entertain drafting any player in this draft. He and his staff will go into the draft with their positional player rankings and will likely stay true to their big board.

The team released Shane Olivea and will now be forced to address the offensive tackle positions in the coming months, whether through the draft or free agency. With Smith acknowledging the draft is deep in tackles, there may be an opportunity to land a talented lineman in rounds 2, 3, and 4. It's not really Smith's style to spend a first round pick on an offensive lineman, but anything is possible...

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February 29, 2008

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