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We admit we aren't the most frequent podcasters in the world, but we do what we can. Rob and Matt discuss the Chargers offseason plans and reflect a bit on their 2007 season.


Rob Zepeda & Matt Staples

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February 26, 2008

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Anonymous said... Feb 27, 2008, 5:32:00 AM

I'm sorry, but the guy with the lower voice simply doesn't follow football enough to merit being on a podcast for the better half of an hour. Deshawn Foster's close to inking a deal with the 49ers, and there's very little chance that we'll draft an inside linebacker, especially after the signing of Derek Smith after the 49ers released him. With Cooper and Wilhelm probably starting, Waters and Siler on the rise, and now Smith, the opportunity cost to draft another ILB is simply too high.

Drafting an RB in round 1 is not out of the question, but our obvious needs are at the offensive and defensive lines, and in the secondary. Goff is getting old and we have issues at right tackle. Jamal Williams is also starting to wear down and we need a real starter to fill that role in the coming years. With major teams like the Colts and Pats using 3-4 receiver sets, we need somebody to adequately fill that nickel corner position, or else Peyton and Brady will be tossing to slot receivers all day. While we've got adequate starters in both safety positions, we have very weak insurance policies in Gregory and (a long shot) Oliver. Running back depth is also a major issue, though filling out our secondary with another corner is much more important.
You're totally right about Aguirre though, that guy's gotta go.

Rob Zepeda said... Feb 27, 2008, 12:05:00 PM

I agree with you that depth along the lines is an issue, but I think you underestimate Paul Oliver. The guy was a top cornerback prospect and only came out in the supplemental draft because he didn't have the grades to be eligible to play for the Georgia Bulldogs.

I do agree that we are pretty strong at linebacker and the move to sign Smith was mainly a mentorship/leadership one.

Thanks for your input though, i'll give Matt a hard time about it :)

Anonymous said... Feb 27, 2008, 6:54:00 PM

Oh I agree that Oliver's got serious potential somewhere on the team. The long shot I referred to was based on reports that the Charger's brass may try to put him at the safety position (they say he's not terribly quick), but a move like that will likely take a bit of time and we're quite thin at safety. Solid blog though, I may not agree with half the things you say but your opinions are well informed and written. keep it up man

Matthew said... Mar 31, 2008, 4:09:00 PM

Hey, I agree that this was not one of the better podcasts that we have had. But Rob asked me what I feel is our biggest need in the offseason and I still think that it is a ILB. Cooper is doing his job on one side but Whilhelm continues to let me down. I do think that we have some talent that was drafted last year that could step in, hopefully that happens because I know we are not going to draft an ILB. As for my comments about Foster I knew he wouldn't end up with the Chargers that was just wishful thinking on my part. I will try to keep things to more relevant topics in the future. Thanks for the input...

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