I Don't Want A Fat Lazy Slob Playing On My D-Line

It goes without saying Jamal Williams is the prototype for nose tackle in a 34 scheme so it’s only natural for people to compare prospects to him. As the benchmark for the position, its easy to look at a bunch of players and assume that the guy who is closest to 350lbs is the best choice to play nose. But this line of thinking is absolutely the wrong way to approach it in my opinion. The reason I have been so keen on looking for a 34 Defensive End in the 2008 draft is because I would rather have a guy who is a great athlete at 300lbs rather than a fat lazy slob who is 350lbs of cheeseburger and twinkies.

If the Chargers drafted a guy who played D-Tackle in college and has the ability to play End in the 34 scheme, then hopefully, with time, that player could bulk up the right way and eventually play nose. I’d be better to have a guy come to the Chargers with the frame and athleticism to properly gain the strength and weight necessary to play nose. He’d work with NFL trainers and coaches and do it the right way, and not just be some big dude who played a little college ball and has a reputation for taking plays off and being lazy. I would also like a guy who has the ability to play any of the positions along the line and who could offer rotational services and provided tremendous depth. This is important because the Chargers rotate in about 5 guys every game and as part of their philosophy on defense to keep their big guys fresh.

So the bottom line is the Chargers should be targeting someone to help out on the Defensive Line and using the 27th overall pick is not out of the question. Igor Olshansky was the 35th overall pick and Luis Castillo was the 28th overall. AJ Smith seems to have quite a knack for hitting home runs when it comes to taking Defensive Tackles in this area of the draft and 2008 could be another example.

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February 8, 2008

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