Is Buffalo Interested In Drayton Florence?

Brian from BuffaloRumblings knows the Bills have a ton of needs to address in the offseason, and he asks if Drayton Florence would be a good fit at cornerback for the Bills.

BuffaloRumblings - Florence was a starter for the Chargers until Antonio Cromartie exploded onto the scene. What was your opinion on Florence as a starter - a good stopgap, or a guy who could continue to improve?

BoltHype - D-Flo is a starter in this league. I mean, he's a pretty good player with nice size and speed and he is a pretty complete corner. As far as i'm concerned, any holes in his game are mental. It wasn't his personal lack of ability that preempted the Chargers to draft Cromartie in the first place. It was simply that the Chargers were low on cornerbacks and the ones they had on the roster weren't really known to be ballhawks. Beyond Jammer and Florence, the Chargers had nobody and were forced to draft help at Cornerback.

BuffaloRumblings - When is Florence at his best, in your opinion - defending the run, man/press coverage, or sitting in a zone and making plays coming forward?

BoltHype - D-Flo isn't a guy who is afraid of contact and is pretty adequate in defending the run. In coverage, I prefer to see him off the receiver with the play in front of him. He can play man coverage and was asked to play a bunch of man in San Diego but I worry for Drayton's ability to make up ground if he takes a bad jump or gets beat on a double move.

BuffaloRumblings - The Chargers had a pretty nice trio of corners in Cromartie, Jammer and Florence last season. What do you think the chances are that they try to preserve that trio by re-signing Florence?

BoltHype - Drayton has a reputation for being somewhat of a lose cannon. To be fair, he made a marked improvement in his on-field behavior this year and that showed tremendous maturatity on his part. He's a guy who doesn't really have problems off the field but come game-day, he can get mouthy and will draw an occasional personal foul. When I say the only holes in his game are mental, thats what I mean. As long as he keeps his head, and doesn't allow himself to get out of the game mentally, he's a good player.

In terms of resigning with the Chargers, it would be a major coup for the organization to get him back, but they have had talks with Florence and his agent and the two sides are way off in terms of dollar amount. I had a chance to personally speak to D-Flo during training camp and the sense that I got was that this was going to be his last season as a Charger. With the emergence of Cromartie and Jammer as an elite duo, and with the Chargers taking Paul Oliver in the supplemental draft, it appears the team is ready to move on. But D-Flo is a solid, young player and I personally wouldn't mind him sticking around...but its pretty unlikely he will.

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February 17, 2008

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