Chargers GM AJ Smith Spotted At Michigan’s Pro Day

Michigan’s pro day featured a number of good NFL prospects and so it comes as only a mild surprise to hear that AJ Smith was personally present for the workouts. Jake Long is the stud everyone wants to see but there are a few other guys who could be future Chargers like Safety Jamar Adams (a guy I really like as a potential Strong Safety for the Bolts), OLB Shawn Crable, and possibly RB Mike Hart. The Chargers would absolutely love to have an opportunity to draft Jake Long and plug him in at Right Tackle, but they won’t trade away the farm to get him. However, if a deal made sense for the Chargers and a team at the very top of the draft, I could see the Chargers moving up to get a guy like Long. But in this year’s draft class, Jake Long is probably the only prospect worth moving up for if you are the San Diego Chargers.

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March 16, 2008

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Anonymous said... Mar 16, 2008, 8:17:00 PM

Chances that we trade up are minimal. Not many expendable players who'd be worth packaging to move up, especially not so high as picks 1-3. We also have no reasonable picks to offer to move up that high. If we were to move up, I think it'd be to one of the middle rounds to try and take S Kenny Phillips from the U.

A more likely scenario would be to trade down, with a team like Atlanta, for a 2nd & 3rd. We'd likely pick up two of the three: OL, DL, DB in those two picks. 1st rd RB or WR is really unlikely, fun as they may be to watch

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