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I always find it real interesting hearing from the big media outlets explain the Chargers personnel needs as we approach the draft. Obviously as readers of the site, you guys know where I stand on where the Chargers' roster needs help; adding a capable running back has long been on my priority list and so I'm glad the guys at ESPN also see that need. But something I have never felt strongly about was the need to draft a really good least not in the early rounds. There are people who will tell you that the Chargers have a huge hole to fill at nickel back with the departure of Drayton Florence but I feel the Chargers were already prepared to move on when they took Paul Oliver in the Supplemental Draft last year.

Although respected guys like Mel Kiper and Vic Carucci have in recent mocks given the Chargers cornerbacks like Justin King and Brandon Flowers, I will have to disagree with their projections and go out on a limb and guarentee the Chargers do not spend a first round pick on a cornerback. In my opinion, they would sooner add a rush linebacker with their first round pick than a cornerback.

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March 20, 2008

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