LA Times Mock Draft Nails Charger Pick

Sam Farmer of the LA Times just posted his mock draft and I gotta say, he nailed the Chargers pick.

27. San Diego - Felix Jones, RB, Arkansas - Not so long ago, the Chargers had an embarrassment of riches at this spot. Not anymore.

There is a sense of trepidation among fans when it comes to drafting an offensive playmaker in the first round over what might seem like bigger needs in the secondary and trenches, but the bottom line is that Jones is a guy who rates highly in this draft and one thing is certain -AJ Smith will stay true to his board. If Jones is highest ranked player available at pick 27, Smith will snap the guy up in a heartbeat.

Mr. Farmer of the LA Times did leave the injured Jonathan Stewart out of the first round, so I would imagine if it came down to it, the Chargers would take Stewart over Jones. They have taken gambles on guys like that in the past and its usually paid of huge for them. Marcus McNeil slipped out of the first round due to concerns about his back and Antonio Cromartie didn't even play football the season before the 2006 draft!

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March 29, 2008

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