Please Get Matt Forte In The Second Round

Never mind the fact that Matt Forte dominated Conf. USA, the dude is a straight baller! Over 2000 rushing yards his senior season. Senior Bowl invitee who goes on the earn Offensive MVP of the game. Finance major who also earned Student-Athlete of the Year in 2007. Catches the ball out of the backfield with the best of them. A more than capable blocker. 6'1" 221lbs with room to grow and runs a 4.4 forty.

His running style reminds me of...wait for it...Adrian Peterson! Kind of an upright runner who gets north and south in a hurry. Has nice wiggle but is always looking to run straight ahead as soon as possible. The Broncos would love this guy.

Forte probably wont sneak into the first round, but he wont slip into the third. If the Chargers want Forte, they need to pull an Eric Weddle-like trade and work their way back into the second round. Matter of fact, the Chargers need to get a few second and third round picks but don't ask me how to do it. Just get it done!

Its ridiculous how well Matt Forte fits the profile of a successful San Diego Charger. And his skill set and size offers a rare blend which Norv Turner and staff and exploit to the fullest. I hope to see this guy in Bolts.

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March 21, 2008

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