Desperate Denver?

Okay, i know that this blog is all about the news on the Chargers. However, i just had to ask this question, becuase it has been something that has been on my mind and i'd like your guys opinion too, if you have them.

So do tyou think that that the recent acquistions of WR Sammie Parker and WR Darrell Jackson for the Denver Broncos is big deal? Or is this just Denver trying desperatley to gain an upper hand in the AFC west? One part of me thinks this sounds desperate. Denver picking up two now mediocre recivers when Denver is already deep in that position sound desperate to me. Personally i don't think Sammie Parker is going to be problem let alone start for the Broncos. Although, Darrell Jackson who was once a number one reciever in Seattle could be a possible threat. he didn't have much good play in San Francisco but, he does bring veteran experiance to a team and could turn his numbers around with a better team. But maybe i'm reading too much into it.

Anyways what do you guys think about this?
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April 16, 2008

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Anonymous said... Apr 16, 2008, 4:18:00 PM

Jackson's a decent receiver but he's got a poor set of hands, could help with the aerial attack but by no means a gamebreaker. They're probably panicking because Marshall is on the Steve Foley fast track to success.

They're still not much of a threat because their run defense is pretty atrocious and have some Oline issues. We still match up very favorably against them despite their mediocre offseason pickups

Anonymous said... Apr 16, 2008, 4:28:00 PM

They also signed former Panther's wr Keary Colbert. Although he did okay his rookie year, after that he was pretty much a bust. I figure DJ, Marshall to be their starting receivers with stokely in the slot. But they still need help in more places than wr.

Bryan said... Apr 20, 2008, 4:35:00 PM

I think They are reaching a bit pulling in some veterans..but it could help out Cutler in the long run. Lets hope not

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