New Charger Fan Temporarily in Charge/2008 Schedule

Hey everyone, well while Robert is going off to Thailand until May 7th I've volunteered to continue giving you guys updates on the Chargers while he is gone.

First off let me introduce myself; My name is Jake, and I'm about as big of a Chargers fan as you will ever meet. I think I have a very interesting opinion regarding the status of our team, but don't worry; I'm not one sided on anything. I understand we all have our own opinions and am open to hearing every one of them. If you guys would like your thoughts on anything regarding the Chargers, please feel free!

Anyways, as some of you may know the schedule for this upcoming season came out this afternoon, and it looks like it's one of our easiest schedules in the last five years. Judging by our opponents, I believe there is no reason why we shouldn't be at least a 13-3 team.

Games I'm looking forward to:

Week 6- New England(Now they are on our turf this season)

Week 8-New Orleans in London(Go against Drew Brees and let's see how we do with the overseas jet lag)

Week 12-Indianapolis (Always a good game and will they still have problems beating us?)

Week 13-Atlanta (How will our defense react to "The Burner" on the other side?)

Week 17-Denver (There just isn't anything better then getting Denver at home for the final game of the season

If you guys have any other thoughts let me know what you think.

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April 15, 2008

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