New Quotes From AJ Regarding The Draft

The guys at Mighty1090 got a chance to chat with Chargers GM AJ Smith and asked him a variety of questions. I typed up some of Smith's more interesting responses:

On Paul Oliver as a Cornerback or Safety:

Well we drafted him as a corner/safety. Good football player, let it unfold. The coaches will take that under consideration and they’re thinking about it right now. Where does he actually get penciled in? Probably penciled in as a safety if we’re talking about a paper exercise on a depth chart. Could be a nickel guy. Maybe we have injuries and he fills in at corner. He’s a versatile player but I’ll let the coaches handle what they think about that.

On approaching the draft with such a limited number of picks:

We are going to prepare, gameplan, and execute as if we had a full compliment of draft picks. But we don’t. But the reason we do that is because it makes football sense.

On the depth of certain positions in this draft:

I always hate to participate in these things and tell you what I think of the depth (at the various positions), but I’ve always said every draft is a good draft whether you have eleven picks or five picks. I will jump in and say where it’s deep; in particular, (offensive) tackles. If you need one, or a backup, very deep through the first three or four rounds. An awful lot of quality players that I’ve seen out there. No question about that.

On upcoming player contracts:

All we have is the players on this team right now, with the season coming up. What happens after that…you know…Chargers whether they have six year contracts, one year, three years; you’re a Charger one year at a time. And our team is being built for this season. Whatever happens during the course of that season or after that season we’ll huddle up as and organization and find out how want to proceed in ’09. So everyone else who has the opinion, and is slotting in who’s going to be here and not here, and who we’re going to draft and who’s probably going to be left go in September… I let everyone do that, and when we make changes, we announce it.

Something else I found interesting was that Smith is pretty high on Darren Sproles, which shouldn't come as too much of a surprise considering he drafted him. Smith said he was “pleased with him” and that Sproles had a “terrific year.” He qualified those statements by saying Sproles’ role on offense and special teams is ultimately a coaching decision.

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April 11, 2008

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Victor said... Apr 13, 2008, 11:28:00 AM

Thanks for posting this! I as really curious about Oliver, and the depth of OT comment makes me think that Cherilus is not in the cards at the beginning.

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