Potentially The Best Safety In The 2008 Draft Class?

Dajuan Morgan - The best safety in the draft?

Dajuan Morgan
6'0" 205lbs, 4.5 speed - Draft Grade: 2nd-3rd round

There are a couple of former Wolfpackers who would fit in real nicely with the Chargers. The only problem being, is the Chargers lack the second, third, or fourth round picks it'll probably take to get these guys. The first guy I'll talk about is Safety Dajaun Morgan...

Physical and aggressive, Dajaun Morgan is everything the Chargers would be looking for in a guy who can compete for the starting strong safety job. Clinton Hart is the starter there now by default, but as we know Hart is a guy who lacks aggression and is not a guy who craves contact. Morgan, on the other hand is a guy who loves to mix it up. He can shed blocks and get to the ball carrier and deliver the finishing blow once he arrives.

Morgan also has great range and although he doesn't have the best natural ball skills (drops the occasional interception), he is frequently in position to make a play. He is a competitor and a leader and plays with real passion for the game. I see Morgan as a great fit at strong safety but he is versatile enough to play both spots. With his natural talent and love for the game, Morgan is viewed as a guy who could emerge as the 2008 draft's best safety.

I have said this before, and it deserves reiteration: There is the chance that the Chargers secondary regresses a bit in terms of tackling. Weddle and Jammer are great tacklers, but Cromartie is still looking to improve in that area. We don't yet know who is going to play nickle corner (Paul Oliver?) and Clinton Hart is not a good open field tackler. It's important that the team has a guy who can perform clean-up duties and help be an enforcer.

Dajuan Morgan highlights:

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April 5, 2008

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