Ladainian Tomlinson: Is He Breaking Down?

Ladainian Tomlinson has become the face of fantasy football over the past four years, but there are some out there who doubt that LT can continue his dominance. After an eye-popping rookie season, there are many who feel Adrian Peterson is set to become the new king of fantasy football. Both players are elite running backs but there is a clear difference between the way Peterson runs with the ball and the way Tomlinson does. Peterson is a wrecking machine who puts his body through some brutal collisions, but Tomlinson smartly avoids the unnecessary hit. It's that foresight that has allowed LT to be so consistent through the years. Ladainian has never missed a regular season game due to injury, whereas Peterson missed time in college and missed two games in his rookie NFL season.

So if you had the opportunity to draft either running back, who would you take? Fantasy Football guru TD Hill from Football Jabber says he wont draft Tomlinson #1 and presents some arguments to back his case:

We all love LT. For seven years, he’s averaged nearly 2,000 total yards and over 18 TD’s a year on average of 338 carries. It’s jaw dropping when you look at the numbers. But let’s look a little deeper and compare him to the only RB who put out similar production over the same amount years and dominated our fantasy hearts in his prime: Marshall Faulk.

FACT: Marshall Faulk at the age of 27 sets the TD in a season record (at the time) with 26
FACT: LT at the age of 27 shatters the TD in a season record

FACT: At the time of the accomplishment, Faulk recorded his 2155th carry of his career
FACT: At the time of the accomplishment, LT recorded his 2050th carry of his career

FACT: The season after, Faulk enjoyed another good season of over 2,100 total yards from scrimmage while scoring 21 TD’s
FACT: The season after (last year) LT enjoyed another good season of almost 2,000 total yards from scrimmage while scoring 18 TD’s

FACT: With injuries mounting, Faulk plays 10 games the following season and is never the same player again
FACT: With injuries mounting, LT plays ? games in 2008 and ????

FACT: After his 2,367th carry of this career, Marshall Faulk never rushes for 1,000 yards again
FACT: LT starts this season with his 2,366th carry

So what do you guys think? Does TD Hill make solid points or is he way off base here?

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June 9, 2008

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Billy said... Jun 10, 2008, 8:25:00 AM

LT still has at least three more seasons in him of being "LT". I cant see his production slipping much as long as Philip Rivers can continue to grow as a passer. The Chargers are strong up front and their passing attack is improving. Thats going to go a long way towards keeping LT healthy and fresh.

Anonymous said... Jun 10, 2008, 3:56:00 PM

I would take Peyton with the number 1 pick, but as for running backs, I would definitely consider LT.

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