Fans Want Cowboys And Chargers In The Super Bowl

Well, the fans have spoken: On a recent poll conducted here at BoltHype, the majority of voters wanted to see the San Diego Chargers face the Dallas Cowboys in Super Bowl XLIII. The New Orleans Saints were the other favorites garnering 26% of the votes. But the overwhelming majority spoke, and they chose the Chargers vs the Cowboys.

Think of the storylines: Dallas Cowboys Head Coach Wade Phillips was the former Defensive Coordinator in San Diego. It was he who brought the 3-4 defense to the West Coast.

And lets not forget the great debate between Demarcus Ware and Shawne Merriman as NFL prospects coming in to the 2005 season. At the time, Bill Parcells, then the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys, said something to the effect of "I don't have time to deal with gangbangers" in reference to Merriman. As such, the Cowboys selected Demarcus Ware over Shawne Merriman with the 11th overall pick in 2005. Forever the two will be linked: who ultimately will prevail as the greatest 3-4 outside linebacker?

And of course there are the two controversial Pro Bowl Quarterbacks and their respective lengthy storylines. Philip Rivers and Tony Romo have each experienced their share of praise and condemnation. Who will emerge as the Super Bowl winning Quarterback?

Two superstars in L.T. and T.O. will be battling it out to deliver the biggest plays. On one hand you have the brash and arrogant Terrell Owens, and on the other you have the humble and proud Ladainian Tomlinson. Together, the two are considered the top playmakers at their respective positions.

And on a side note, the Dallas Cowboys have arguably the best Cheerleaders in the NFL, but the San Diego Chargers also claim to have the best squad in football. The can you imagine the dance-off; it would be epic!

Like I said, there are plenty of storylines to connect these two star-powered team, and we'll be able to see first-hand how the two clubs stack up in the preseason. If you want tickets to see these powerhouse play eachother in person, you can still get Chargers tickets. The Chargers and Cowboys will face off in the preseason, but I for one am certainly hoping it wont be the last time these two powerhouses meet.

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July 7, 2008

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DaMonster said... Jul 8, 2008, 2:54:00 PM

Don't forget Norv won SuperBowls in Dallas!

Anonymous said... Jul 8, 2008, 2:55:00 PM

As a Cowboys fan, I like the matchup. San Diego and Dallas both have great chances to make it to the Super Bowl. It'd be a good one, thats for sure.

Sir Bolt said... Jul 11, 2008, 6:28:00 PM

Can we just have the Cowboys cheerleaders and Chargers cheerleaders play each other in the "Lingerie Bowl", regardless of whether the gridiron teams make it to the Super Bowl? That's a no lose situation for all NFL fans.

Anonymous said... Jul 12, 2008, 8:25:00 PM

"[A]nd on the other you have the humble and proud Ladainian Tomlinson." According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the most common definition of "humble" is "not proud or haughty." The most common definition of "proud" is "feeling or showing pride as having excessive self-esteem." Hmm....

Beijing2008 said... Jul 14, 2008, 3:38:00 AM

I'm a Cowboys fan and I like it. I wouldn't mind *too bad* losing to the Chargers if it came to that - at least it's far better than losing to the Cheatriots.

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