What Should The Chargers Do With Eric Parker?

The San Diego Chargers are reportedly shopping wide receiver Eric Parker for trade. Parker gained a reputation in San Diego as the "Bondsman" for his consistent ability to bail the Chargers out in third down situations. But after missing the entire 2007 season, some feel that Parker has irrevocably lost his position as one of Philip Rivers' trusted targets.

With the team investing top draft picks in guys like Buster Davis, Vincent Jackson, and Chris Chambers, coupled with the emergence of Legedu Naanee as a playmaker, is there room for Eric Parker on this roster?

Among fans, the consensus seems to be split between those who say Eric Parker should be traded, and those who feel he should stay in San Diego. About half of the voters here at BoltHype feel the Chargers should hang on to Parker. And an equal percentage feel the Chargers should trade him. There is a rumor that the Chargers are looking for a fifth or sixth round draft pick in exchange for Parker, and one team that is apparently interested is the Cleveland Browns.

Parker's contract runs through the 2010 season. In 2008, he is set to make $1.85 million. In 2009 that number goes up to $2.225 million. And in 2010, Parker's salary again increases to $2.65 million before becoming a free agent in 2011.

So for a guy who now must work his way back up the depth chart, he is making a decent salary - precisely the reason the team might be looking to shop him around.

Former NFL player Bucky Brooks shared his thoughts on the Eric Parker situation:
Count me as one of the league observers surprised by the reported trade interest in Chargers' WR Eric Parker. Although the seven-year veteran has logged 40 career starts, he missed all of 2007 with a toe injury and has never completed a full season without missing a game due to injury. Plus, he has never been an impressive starter when in the lineup and his three career receptions over 40 yards are considerably low for a player regarded as a "speed" receiver. Thus, I'm miffed that a team would consider adding Parker to their lineup at his current salary ($1,850,000). While some would argue that Parker brings added value as a returner, he has never distinguished himself as a top flight returner (8.4 yard career punt return avg.), and he lacks the juice to boost a sagging return unit. As a receiver, Parker is ideally suited to be a fourth or fifth receiver, but his lack of size makes him a liability on special teams. Therefore, a team interested in acquiring Parker likely has a specific plan for getting him on the field or desperately needs to add a reliable veteran to a young receiving corps. Regardless, it seems unlikely that Parker will be dealt via trade, so expect the veteran to latch onto a team after the Chargers eventually release him prior to training camp.

So what's your take? Do the Chargers keep the veteran Eric Parker, or are they better off cutting ties and trying to recoup a draft pick in the process?

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July 10, 2008

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Anonymous said... Jul 10, 2008, 12:49:00 AM

I love EP but where does he fit in Norv's system? This team is heading towards a championship and I'm not sure Eric is part of the equation.

Anonymous said... Jul 10, 2008, 1:12:00 PM

Agreed, EP is a leader and a workhorse on the practice field. But unfortunately for Eric, other WR's have capitalized on his absence and have shown significan progress. Chambers, Jackson and Legedu right now are all better options. But you could make the argument that Davis is a bust and that they could use Parker in his spot... I dunno... trade'em, release'em...EP won't ever have a chance to don the new uni's.

Anonymous said... Jul 10, 2008, 1:35:00 PM

How is Davis a Bust after one year?? Is that how you rate a player? If he doesn't make the probowl in his rookie year he's a Bust? Quit regurgitating the same crap being spewed by all the moronic sports writers that don't even watch Charger games. Davis showed potential last year, but was slowed by injuries. The Bolts were off to such a slow start that they couldn't wait for him to get healthy so AJ made the move to get Chambers. You'll be singing a different tune by years end....

Anonymous said... Jul 10, 2008, 8:30:00 PM

He gives the Chargers unprecedented depth at WR!

Buster Davis and Vjack have also been injury prone, if we lose one this year we can just plug in parker

Neoplatonist23 said... Jul 11, 2008, 6:00:00 AM

If they can get something for him, they should trade him. If not, they should cut Malcom Floyd instead.

Davis isn't a bust... he was a rookie at a position that takes about 4 yrs to get good at. Too soon to say anything. But if past performance is an indicator, A.J. doesn't draft a lot of busts.

BobbyB said... Jul 11, 2008, 10:23:00 PM

If he has value to some team, trade him. If he doesn't, release him. Yeah, he's a great guy and a great worker and a great story, but the NFL stands for Not For Long if you F-up, like he is well remembered for in the 2007 playoff loss. That's the last game he played for us, then he was out for the year... Of course he's gone. He'll sign with another team if released, but that's another story... (like the one where we release Wes Welker and keep Eric Parker)

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