Did Norv Turner Indicate That FB Mike Tolbert Has Made The Team?

On Monday, Norv Turner addressed the media where he fielded questions regarding his thoughts coming away from the 7-6 preseason loss to the St. Louis Rams. In a game that featured mainly the second and third team players, Turner was able to get a read on his young rookies’ ability to grasp the NFL game. While there were mistakes that were made, Coach Turner came away pretty impressed with his rookie running backs.

“I’m impressed with our whole rookie group. Jacob is a good football player. The best thing that happened for us is Jacob played, Mike (Tolbert) played at Fullback, and both of them had mental errors where they did not block the guy they were supposed to block and we took sacks on back-to-back plays. One of them was a walk-in touchdown where we missed a block, they other one was going to be a real competitive chance for a touchdown pass and Mike Tolbert took his eyes off his guy and missed it. That’s what I’m talking about; the fact that they’re getting the snaps they’re getting right now - They’re going to be playing in our games- the fact that they’re getting those snaps right now hopefully will eliminate a couple of those errors, because when they know what to do and they do the right thing, they’re both very good football players.”

So with Coach Turner stating that Tolbert and Hester will be “playing in our games” can we take that as anything else but a ringing endorsement that Mike Tolbert has secured himself a spot on the final 53 man roster? Tolbert has been impressing everyone with his play, both in camp and during the preseason. Ladainian Tomlinson even gave props to Tolbert as one of the standouts in camp.

If the Chargers use 5 running backs, who makes the final team and who works with the practice squad? Is Marcus Thomas the odd man out? What about Pinnock? Nothing is written in stone, so we’ll all have to stay tuned. But listening to Norv speak, you get the feeling he really likes Mike Tolbert.

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August 20, 2008

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Anonymous said... Aug 22, 2008, 12:13:00 PM

He's going to fill in nicely for Lo Neal. He was recruited as a linebacker coming out of high school so you know he's tough

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