Notes From The Cowboys At Chargers Game

Jacob Hester will be a fine replacement for Michael Turner. Similar style, but Turner was/is better. Hester runs hard and lays the wood, but he lowers his head/shoulders which can be a double edged sword – he hits the defender but fails to bounce off and continue his run at times. Turner was great at pinballing, hopefully Hester can develop that part of his game a little more. Overall, very impressed with Jacob Hester.

Darren Sproles looked good out there and really showcased what he can do. That being said, his role will clearly be regulated to swing passes, play action, tosses, etc. He is a guy that needs open space so as long as Coach Turner has some plays designed around him, I think Sproles can be successful.

Mark Jones, welcome to San Diego! Finally, a decent punt returner! Thank you!

The first team offense has a problem of starting games off too slow. This is something that haunted them last year. The offense will hopefully iron that out during the preseason. Maybe they like playing from behind?

Antoine Cason looked like a very talented rookie. He certainly flashed his great instincts and tracked the ball pretty well. I like how he tackles as well. Now he just needs to stay more disciplined on double move routes and work on taking a better angle on running plays, but all in all, I thought Cason certainly lived up to his first-round billing.

Jammer with the interception – nice job dude, but don’t let the ball bounce off your hands! Haha! Still made the play, and that’s what matters I guess. I suggest doing a bit of cross training in boxing…it really improves your hand-eye coordination.

Chris Chambers is a bona-fide number one. I know LT and Gates weren’t available, but Chris is going to get doubled all year on obvious 3rd and long situations. He is clearly the team’s best deep ball receiver and has arguably the best hands on the team.

Brandon Siler is making a case for being the team’s second best special teams player; behind Mike Scifres of course. Kassim Osgood gets lots of credit for his play, and deservedly so. But Siler is a man out there and is always making plays.

If the team goes with five running backs, who is the odd man out? LT, Hester, Sproles and Pinnock make four. Who is the fifth; Marcus Thomas or the impressive Mike Tolbert? Unless of course Tolbert beats out Pinnock as the team’s fullback.

The Cowboys got themselves quite a weapon in Felix Jones. Now you guys know why I hyped Jones up so much during the draft. Dude can ball.

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August 11, 2008

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