Can The Chargers Ground The Jets’ Air Attack?

Last week BoltHype contributed the following post to the NYTimes' football blog, The Fifth Down:

With Lights Out sidelined, the Chargers haven’t been able to generate any significant pass rush. Unless the team turns it around quickly, they’ll lose the division to the resurgent Denver Broncos. Philip Rivers has played well, but they can’t expect to outscore everyone each week. Can the Chargers generate enough pressure on Farve to ground the Jets’ air attack? My guess is no… but luckily for the Bolts, Favre is still learning the system and simply doesn’t have the offensive weapons to match up with San Diego. San Diego 31, 24.


I wonder what will happen if the Chargers again fail to get after the quarterback? Will AJ Smith and the Chargers pull off a trade to acquire a stud pass rusher to help offset the loss of Merriman? Or do they go with what they have (Phillips, Tucker, Harris, Applewhite) and hope the defense turns it around? We know Smith isn't afraid to pull the trigger on a deal in the middle of the season (Oben, Chambers, McCardell) so I contacted the team for comment on the issue, but AJ Smith doesn't discuss his football business so we'll simply have to speculate until informed otherwise...

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September 22, 2008

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Anonymous said... Sep 22, 2008, 1:04:00 PM

Brian Schottenheimer is going to air it out on the Chargers today so if they can't pressure Favre, it's going to be a loooong night

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