Chargers Among NFL Most Disappointing Teams

For a team that was supposed to be competing for a world championship, the San Diego Chargers are instead 2-3 and looking like they'd rather be the best team with a losing record. Expectations where justifiably high as we came into the season. BoltHype actually predicted a 12-4 season for the Chargers. But stumbling out of the blocks, not playing a full sixty minutes of football, and frankly, lacking an identity is hurting the Chargers and people are taking notice:


1. San Diego Chargers (2-3)

How they got here: OK, they got upset in Miami and the defense has been inconsistent. But it's also fair to say that a last-second winning touchdown pass (by Carolina quarterback Jake Delhomme) and a lousy game-changing call (by referee Ed Hochuli in a loss to Denver) have led the Chargers to their current state.

As long as we're throwing out excuses, let's also add in that Shawne Merriman's season-ending knee injury and the banged-up physical states of three other stars (running back LaDainian Tomlinson, left tackle Marcus McNeill and tight end Antonio Gates) haven't helped matters.

Where they're heading: There's still reason to believe in the Chargers. For one thing, the AFC isn't exactly filled with heavyweights. The brilliant play of quarterback Philip Rivers -- who is enjoying the best season of his five-year career -- also has been uplifting for a team that could be in far worse shape. But here's the real kicker: The Chargers started 1-3 last season and wound up in the AFC Championship Game. As hard as it is to pull that feat off two years in a row, they'll be back in the postseason come January.

It's hard to argue with Jeffri Chadiha of ESPN, but I wouldn't consider the San Diego Chargers are a playoff team until they start playing like one. If you assume that an 11-5 record will be enough to squeak by into the playoffs, then the Chargers are left with only 2 more lifelines before their season becomes officially an embarrassment. Each week from here on out becomes a must-win situation, and a trip to the playoffs must not be taken for granted.

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October 9, 2008

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Anonymous said... Oct 9, 2008, 1:11:00 PM

They've played like and look like an 8-8 team in training (7-9 wins looks about right). Each week some new disappointment appears. Vs. Miami, it was the O-line getting worked. I hope for better; but I fear I am right

Anonymous said... Oct 9, 2008, 6:06:00 PM

In the current Power Rankings the Chargers are listed at 23rd. Does anyone seriously believe there are 22 teams that could beat the Chargers on any given Sunday?

Closet Geek said... Oct 9, 2008, 6:29:00 PM

Its really going to depend on how Denver does. Their schedule seems pretty light. Except for Jax and NE next 2 weeks, and us 1 more time, they have a pretty easy road. We've got about 5 or 6 tough games ahead of us. So I dont think its going to be like years prior where we were so far ahead in the standings we could afford to loose a game or 2. From here on out, they need to battle every game otherwise we fall the Donkeys...ugh...

Anonymous said... Oct 14, 2008, 1:15:00 PM

i like the chargers wether they lose or winn..hahahha

Anonymous said... Oct 14, 2008, 1:16:00 PM


Anonymous said... Oct 14, 2008, 1:16:00 PM


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