Chargers Must Get After Drew Brees

The Chargers are looking to get themselves back to .500 and regain some credibility around the NFL. They have a chance this week as they take on the New Orleans Saints in London, England. But the Saints will be no pushovers; Drew Brees is running the NFL's top offense and the Chargers have been struggling to pressure opposing QB's all season long. If the Bolts' can't force Brees into mistakes early and often, they'll fall victim to his deadly precision and veteran savvy. Not to mention the extra motivation Brees will be playing with as he looks to get back at his former team.

Luis Castillo recently addressed his team's struggles with rushing the passer:

Its a number of different things:

I think part of it is how teams are scheming us. You look at what teams have done to us over the last few weeks, especially last week; they're plan was to get rid of the ball quick. You look at alot of Trent's passes last week; alot of it was just dumpoffs to running backs. Get rid of the ball quick and get us out of our rhythm.

At the same time, theres always going to be those one of two plays where he's holding the ball for a while, and we've got to be able to get there. We've got to be able to not let ourselves get in a rut because the ball is coming out quick, and all of the sudden that one time or those few times he does hold the ball, all of the sudden we don't get there. We've got to play better as a team. As a team defense. Whether its the guys in the secondary being on their responsibilities and giving us enough time and its us, once he does hold the ball, making sure we get there and we don't leave those guys out on an island. If we're going to take away those short things, we're going to have to do some things where if he does hold the ball a little bit we've got to make sure we get there because we can't leave those guys in coverage for too long.

It's just a matter of working together. I think if we do that, and as individuals take to responsibility that, hey, if you're number is called, you gotta win. Regardless. You gotta win. We'll be fine.

After four preseason and seven regular season weeks under their belt, you would have hoped the Chargers defense would have sorted out their identity by now. In years past they've prided themselves on being stout against the run and having a pressuring defense. Year after year the Chargers fall further and further from their once dominating form. And without Shawne Merriman's presence, the defense has struggled to get after the quarterback. If the team doesn't turn it around this week, they might play themselves right out the playoff picture...

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October 22, 2008

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