Cottrell Fired; Rivera Promoted To Defensive Coordinator

The inevitable has finally happened. This via a press release from the San Diego Chargers:

The Chargers announced Tuesday that the team has relieved defensive coordinator Ted Cottrell of his duties.

Inside linebackers coach Ron Rivera, who has previous coordinator experience with the Chicago Bears, has been promoted and will call the defensive plays for the Chargers.

Head Coach Norv Turner and Rivera are scheduled to meet with the media Tuesday afternoon.

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October 28, 2008

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Closet Geek said... Nov 1, 2008, 4:40:00 PM

Too funny. The previous article was "What needs to improve: Linebackers" And who do they promote? The Linebackers coach. Unreal. I like what Rivera did for the Bears though. Yea, the LB's are a weak spot (finally Dobbins is starting), but the defensive scheme as a whole was garbage. Entirely too much zone, which left the WR's free to roam as they choose. And with no pressure at the line of scrimage from the DB's, the down linemen have no extra time to get to the QB. Cro and Jam are 2 of the fastest guys in the NFL, why would Ted think that they might get burned playing man more often?? I can't remember when I saw a WR get extra steps on those 2. Jammer OWNED Moss in the NE game. We need to see more blitzes at the right time, and more stunts. Phillips and Tucker are fast, lets get them freed up or make a hole for an LB to shoot. If we can't get to the QB, we'll continue to get burned in the passing game.

Make us proud Rivera. Don't play these guys conservitave. Make the DB's punish WR's off the line. I have no doubt Cro will start getting his INT's playing man. We have championship caliber players, lets put them in positions to make the plays we all know they can make. And finally, light a spark under their asses and get them to play physcial every single game, just like they did with NE.

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