Drew Brees vs. Philip Rivers Through Week 8

London will play host to quite a headliner on Sunday. Drew Brees and Philip Rivers enter into this week eight match up playing excellent football and leading high powered offenses. Of course, beyond the simple fact that these two QBs are two of the league's best, how can we forget the history:

New Orleans' Drew Brees has the most pass attempts and the most yards in the NFL. San Diego's Philip Rivers is the highest rated quarterback and has the most touchdown passes in the league. Both players are charismatic leaders, are smart with the football, and make a lot of big plays down the field. Simply put, we're going to be watching two of the best QBs the NFL has to offer and one of these guys could wind up being the MVP of the league.

Its impossible to say that the San Diego Chargers made a mistake in letting Drew Brees leave via free agency. With the player that Philip Rivers has developed into, it's clear that he was worthy of his lofty draft status. And considering that both the Chargers and the New Orleans Saints have gone on to have great success behind their marquee signal callers, it would stand to reason that both teams have benefited from what was at one point in time a very rocky and controversial situation.

Link: NFL.com - Brees vs. Rivers

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October 23, 2008

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Anonymous said... Oct 23, 2008, 10:31:00 PM

I'm happy for Drew. Things worked out well for him and he made a big difference down in New Orleans helping turn things around after Katrina. I'll always be a Drew Brees fan!

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