Tomlinson: We're Not Very Good At Running The Ball

Tomlinson is having a bad year. I'm not saying he is a bad player by any means; in fact, he is one of the better running backs in this league. Maybe he has set the bar so high that he dooms himself to this type of criticism when he can't live up to expectations. But the bottom line is LT is not playing up to his capabilities, and a lot of that has to do with his nagging toe injury.

The fact is LaDainian Tomlinson Tomlinson is 10th in the league in rushing yards. Interestingly enough, former Charger Michael "The Burner" Tuner is 2nd. LT is getting carries; maybe not as many as he would like or is capable of taking at this time, but nonetheless he is getting the ball. His 3.7 yard average per carry is below the coveted 4.0 mark; against the Oakland Raiders Tomlinson had a 41 yard run that helped him top the century yard mark this year, the only time all season he has run for over 100 yards. If you toss out that big gain, LT's numbers become much more harrowing - 3.37 yards per carry vs his current 3.7 and his career average of 4.5.

Acee asked LT where the Chargers need to make the biggest improvement, and LT had a quick answer for him:

We need to run the ball better. We're not very good at running the ball. I'm just going to be honest with you; I'm always honest, that's the only way I know how to be. We gotta get better at running the ball.

Why aren't you very good at running the ball?

I don't know. That's something that we have to find out. And it starts with me as being one of the leaders on this team to figure out what we need to do to run the ball better.

Combine the quotes from Tomlinson with the recent word that the Chargers almost traded for Oakland Raiders' running back Michael Bush, and you begin to see that the team and fans alike are concerned about the Chargers running game.

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October 14, 2008

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Anonymous said... Oct 15, 2008, 12:28:00 PM

they need to give Hester a chance, I know he fumbled that one time but so many other great players blew it in their first few tries, other wise why did they sign him to a 4 year contract as a RB?? just to never let him ever play?? he was the lead rusher and scored 3 TDs in preseason, and had great numbers at LSU.

Anonymous said... Oct 15, 2008, 1:37:00 PM

They need to stop running it up the middle. LT is an outside runner, but they always put him up the middle since Turner left. Seems like Sproles gets about 1/2 the outside plays now and LT is always going up the gut. I think Hester should be middle runner, LT almost always outside, and Sproles only in special situations.

Anonymous said... Oct 15, 2008, 4:01:00 PM

People including LT need to realize he WAS good. How long are we supposed to listen to the same excuse of "he's injured, be patient". Football changes quickly, running backs DON'T have long careers. LT is doing a lot more commercials lately because he knows this. He could care less for the team. He looks out for himself and more money. The Chargers need to look out for themselves so they can win! Trade LT while others are still fooled!

Anonymous said... Oct 15, 2008, 5:16:00 PM

he had more yards this year through 5 games than he did last... he'll be fine

Closet Geek said... Oct 15, 2008, 8:42:00 PM

6 games in and he doesnt know why they're not running well? Seriously? Do they not watch film? From what I see, its both the O-line and LT. Blocking assignments are being missed. Except for the last game, the line just looked slow off the ball. That changed the last game, as LT got a respectable 74 yards on 20 carries. But something is wrong with his vision, and it must be stemming from the toe injury. He's been running into his own people, when he's running it looks like he's on the verge of stumbling. Several times I've seen him run into the pile, rather then bounce it outside where there was a ton of daylight. The bye week cant come soon enough. I dont want to hear anything about this toe after it.

Give Hester a chance? He got a chance and coughed it up on the first run of his career. He'll be a special teams player. That's it.

Anonymous said... Oct 17, 2008, 9:48:00 AM

like I said if you look at history you will see many famous players mess up in teir rookie yeards, Hester is a good player, they need time to play on a costant basis, people freak out and pass jugment like that dont know anything about football.

Anonymous said... Oct 20, 2008, 12:32:00 PM

thats a good point, Sproles had 1 yard rushing and LT had 41, Hester was top rusher and scored the most TDs in the preseason and also had a great season last year with LSU, they need to give him time to develope, he is fast and has good power as well. it is true that many great players in history blew it in there rookie years, they at this point have nothing to loose.

Anonymous said... Nov 15, 2008, 7:16:00 PM

Is everybody convinced yet? LT changed to El Toe and now El Me! He no longer has the injury excuse. Other backs have bad OL blocking! They actually run over people sometimes instead of falling or going out of bounds. El Me just wants to make his career last longer. This year I have only seen him look good for a couple of series against the Raiders. That's it! Trade him! If he qualifies, the hall of fame is for old broke down players. He does fit that description. He's still trying to pad his stats. If you want to win you can't be sentimental! He was good for a couple of years, he's not anymore!

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