Only Two Chargers Selected To 2009 Pro Bowl

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The NFL just released the 2009 Pro Bowl rosters and only two San Diego Chargers are listed. Kris Dielman is a starting offensive guard and Antonio Gates is the AFC's reserve tight end behind Kansas City's Tony Gonzalez.

Link: 2009 Pro Bowl Rosters

December 16, 2008

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v said... Dec 16, 2008, 3:00:00 PM

Bizarre because neither one really deserves it. They were both great last year, but Gates hasn't bee contributing and LT hasn't been able to run to the left all season. Dielman might be stellar in pass coverage, but thats half the job.

Who did deserve it? Rivers, who was robbed, and Scifres, who is robbed every year. I also had votes for Sproles and Osgood for KR and ST, respectively.

Joe Fiorentino said... Dec 17, 2008, 9:22:00 AM

Honestly, I dont know how Scifres can get snubbed. Pro-bowl selections need to go back to coaches and players. Fans are morons and homers. And to prove that, just look at what the Redskins fans did.

And what about Sproles for KR???

arnie said... Dec 19, 2008, 9:42:00 AM

good. i think the the amount of selections is appropriate to the direction of this team. and yes i agree Joe that fans should be left out of the official voting.

i'd clearly see Jamal W, Sproles, Rivers, and Scifes as selections.

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