Tomlinson Can Salvage His Season With A Couple Of Big Games

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As weird as it may sound to some, Ladainian Tomlinson really hasn't had that bad of a season. Sure his numbers are down this year, but lets put things into perspective; LT has to live up to these epic standards because he's set the bar so damn high. Here is a guy who has been rewriting the record books for eight straight seasons. His touchdown total rose year-after-year for six seasons in a row until finally breaking the single-season touchdown record in 2006.

People have so quickly forgotten what LT has meant to the San Diego community, and what he has done to change the perception of the San Diego Chargers. He's done so much for the game, and yet his bandwagon is darn near empty.

This is Ladainian freaking Tomlinson - the guy deserves to have one bad season. He's earned at least that much.

And like I said, his season hasn't been that bad. With a couple of back-to-back 100 yard games, LT can finish up the regular season with 1200 yards rushing, a double-digit touchdown total, and 450 yards receiving. I know LT is held to a different standard, but those are really good numbers especially considering he might not even get 300 carries this year.

If you look at his receiving numbers, they're just as good as Maurice Jones-Drew's and Reggie Bushes. In fact, LT is among the league leaders in receptions for his position. 8 yards per catch, with 9 yards YAC is really freaking good. Any running back in the league would take those numbers in a heartbeat. LT is as good as ever with the ball in space. Running the ball is a different story and if you're looking for answers there, start with the team's offensive approach to the run game.

Asked this week if he expects a greater commitment to running the ball considering the Tampa Bay Bucs are missing some key defensive linemen, Tomlinson simply responded:

"Has anything changed? I mean we've been doing it for fifteen weeks now. Nothing's really changed. It's going to be the same."

Lets hope that the San Diego Chargers can establish the run against a tough Tampa defense, that LT finishes the year on a strong note, and that the team gains some momentum at a time when they could be looking towards a possible playoff berth.

December 18, 2008

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v said... Dec 18, 2008, 12:17:00 PM

Those numbers matter to people who haven't watched games. If you watch you see him cut out of bounds when cutting in looks like it could get him a few extra yards and the first down. You'd also see him drop a ton of catches. When the offense runs through one guys like it could through LT he guaranteed a minimum of really good stats. Look at the averages, though, they're not there.

The O-line and lack of blocking (even on the left side when both those guys, pro bowlers last year) might be blamed for his lack of success up the middle on first down, but it doesn't explain the running scared and dropping passes.

He still means a lot to SD, and he's still a good guy, but its his own career thats blowing by while this happens. Good luck LT. Also, take a look at Shawn Alexander. He ran scared, and its true that it kept him from being injured, but it also kept him from winning a Super Bowl, and from being remembered for his stellar work early in his career

Anonymous said... Dec 18, 2008, 12:25:00 PM

LT IS the Chargers...if you are not a fan of LT then something is wrong with you

Jeff said... Dec 18, 2008, 10:50:00 PM

Hey LT means the world to the chargers. He is trying his hardest to get the yards. It's not his fault that his toe was injured in the beginning of the season. He is still turning out the yards. His stats are comparable to the AFC pro bowl RB selections this year. I agree, LT is held to a higher standard.

to v,
as for LT running out of bounds, he is trying to stay healthy. There is no need to pound through defenders on every play. RBs in the nfl take the biggest beating during their career which is why their shelf life is only 8-9 years on average. His careful style of running will help him in future years.
I do agree with your comment about the o-line not blocking. They are missing many of their blocking assignments and aren't getting any push off the snap. They lack the nastiness and intensity that they had 2 years ago when they dominated and dictated the line of scrimmage.

arnie said... Dec 19, 2008, 9:54:00 AM

the Same? that's part of the problem. you have lost personell, changed coaches, changed offisive schemes, and still trying to run the ball the same from 2006.

what's needed is to find a "different" way of running the ball.

Anonymous said... Dec 22, 2008, 9:28:00 AM

Come on v.....!

Anonymous said... Dec 22, 2008, 1:33:00 PM

LT runs out of bounds to play another down you goof you talk about watching games and stats like they are two different things, LT does not care about stats he could stay in games and pad his stats if he wanted to but he doesnt hello havent you been watching, RB's take a beating every Sunday the smart ones stick to the game plan. your lucky to watch a future hall of famer playing next time your watching, watch the heart not the stats.

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