As Many As Seven Players Could Be Playing Their Last Game As A Charger This Week

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The following players are heading into the 2009 NFL season as free agents:

Offensive Tackle Jeromey Clary 2009: Restricted Free Agent
Wide Receiver Malcom Floyd 2009: Restricted Free Agent
Cornerback Cletis Gordon 2009: Restricted Free Agent
Offensive Guard Mike Goff 2009: Free Agent
Outside Linebacker Marques Harris 2009: Free Agent
Center Jeremy Newberry 2009: Free Agent
Running Back Darren Sproles 2009: Free Agent

The only guy I think the Chargers will not have interest in resigning would be Jeremy Newberry. He's on his last legs (knees) and he'll probably retire after this season. The Chargers will look to bring in a Center via the draft or free agency to back up Nick Hardwick.

Marques Harris could be resigned, but the Chargers are expecting to have Shawne Merriman and Shaun Phillips are their starters next year, and Antwan Applewhite and Jyles Tucker are expected to back them up. The Chargers will probably add to the linebacking corp in the draft so Harris may or may not be a priority free agent for them.

I expect Malcom Floyd to be resigned. He had a career season, catching four touchdown passes and gaining 465 yards receiving. In fact, he and Chris Chambers had almost identical season (Chambers caught five touchdowns with 462 yards). Craig Davis is quickly becoming a non-factor in San Diego, so expect Floyd to come back next year and be a reliable target for Philip Rivers.

Cletis Gordon may or may not resign with the Chargers. My only concern is he may desire a chance to start, and there's probably not the opportunity to do so here in San Diego. The Chargers would certainly like to keep him as Quentin Jammer's primary backup, so I expect them to make him a priority free agent.

Starting right offensive guard Mike Goff was brought in as a free agent under AJ Smith and has not missed a start in five years. At 32 years old, Goff is nearing the twilight of his career but he still has gas in the tank. Fans have mixed opinions when it comes to Mike Goff's value to the team, but he is a starter in this league. If the Chargers choose not to resign Goff, they had need to be quite sure that they have someone, or will find someone, who is a better player. I think Goff will come back for another year or two if the Chargers don't win the SuperBowl this year.

Jeromey Clary in my mind is priority resign. Clary has made some mistakes this year, but there is an awful lot to like about him from a physical and mental standpoint. Clary is still developing as a player and will continue to get better. I think the Chargers need to keep him around and if they invest in him, I am sure Clary will prove to be a solid starter in this league for years to come.

Darren Sproles is perhaps the Chargers biggest priority heading into free agency. Whatever doubts I had about Sproles as a return man have been answered this year, and I think the change of pace he offers on offense. I do not see him as an every down back, but rather I compare him to what Kevin Faulk offered the Patriots for so many years. The Chargers probably don't see Sproles as Tomlinson's primary backup either, but I hope they find a way to keep him around.

January 1, 2009

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Anonymous said... Jan 2, 2009, 9:06:00 AM

I expect Floyd, Gordon and Clary to be given qualified tenders so that at the minimum if one is signed, the Chargers get a draft pick (the round depending upon the type of tender)

Davis said... Jan 2, 2009, 2:04:00 PM

I hope we can find a way to sign Sproles. BTW keep up the great work on this site I freakin love my Chargers

Ryan said... Jan 11, 2009, 4:54:00 PM

Goff in my mind is a guy that is slowing down. That's a move I would not mind the Chargers making especially if they use a pick on one in the first 3 rounds

Anonymous said... Jan 18, 2009, 12:16:00 PM

If Igor don't come back, there are some free agents that can be brought in, I heard Peppers want to be in a 3-4 Defense, he might be too pricy. Sproles I think should be top priority then Floyd, they are play makers and can help, Clary if signed might be moved to Guard depending on what they do with Goff, I think Bolts keep Goff until they have a clear replacement for him, They need to keep this OLINE intact for LT to get back to form, these are the same LINE except for OLIVEA that made LT an MVP not that he didn't have the skills to do it, but what the Chargers really need is a fulltime blocking FULLBACK, Tolbert is a 2nd year guy and Hester is too small though he played well down thestretch but he's more productive like what Alfred Pupunu used to do for the Bolts, HBACK/Tight End off the backfield. Sign a veteran middle Linebacker and a veteran Safety, that's what this defense need.


Anonymous said... Feb 8, 2009, 9:41:00 PM

floyd, gordan, and clary back for sure; the others are expendable. except sproles, who will more than likely get an offer he cant refuse.

Anonymous said... Feb 8, 2009, 10:57:00 PM

Floyd and Sproles should be the only guys coming back. Gordon played so bad in the Steelers game he deserves to leave just for that. Clary? He is a back up at best and Khalif Barnes can easily take over for him and draft Augustus Parrish in the 4th for the future. I like Goff but he is old and has really declined. Let him walk or give him the vet minimum as a backup. Harris and Olshanksy? Bye. Cut Wilhelm and Hart too.

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