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Defenses win championships. As we've seen in games past, without a pass rush and bums like Cromartie giving it up like a virgin on prom night, the Lombardi will continue to be just a gleam in our blue and yellow eyes. Defenses like the Steelers, Eagles and Ravens (heck, even the Cardnals, WTF???) play at a level unknown to our defense (at least this year). The tenacity, the viciousness the "rip off their heads and sh*t down the hole" mentality. The Chargers D didn't have that yesterday. I watched in amazement to see our D line actually get blown off the ball multiple times, several yards off the line of scrimmage. The occasional blitz did little or nothing to help the cause as Ben Rothlesburger stood in the pocket most of the day for what seemed eons, completing passes that should never have been. Letting a team get 22 first downs just won't cut it. The Steelers wanted it more then we did.

While I like the fact that Steven Cooper stepped up this year as a leader and a motivator, we need to see more of this from other players. And why Brandon Siler isn't a starter yet or at least rotated in and not just during goal line stances, I couldn't tell you. The kid has a motor and has the potential to make huge plays.

I remember playing HS football and our defensive line coach telling us to get into that "rage" mindset, and to "pretend that the QB and RB just raped your mother" (true story) and "You have no friends out there, only enemies". While it all seems somewhat cliche, it worked. You want to hit harder, you want to injure, you want to inflict as much chaos as one could possibly commit. I remember during my senior year, a certain school's team decided to trash our field prior to the game. Not only did we win that game, but we took 5 of their players out of the game. Not playing dirty mind you, but playing with R-A-G-E.

The Chargers need to find that rage next year. Hopefully it will come with the return of Shawne Merriman.

Thanks for an exciting month and a half end of the season. I enjoyed it while it lasted.

PS - Ever see Cromartie on a play where the ball sails over a receivers head and the guy acts like he actually defended the pass? Funny.

January 12, 2009

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arnie said... Jan 12, 2009, 7:59:00 PM

defenseless? no it's more offensive... sproles got 11 carries for 15 yards. bennett got what 3? wow what a committment to a the running game.

the steelers pounded our defense with the run, and killed us with the pass. they kept our offense off the field, as we watched them pound our defense into the ground. the front 7 played thier butts offs, but Crow being a non-factor, and jammer going down, all the passing plays went to his side of the field.

again Norv play calling 4and 1, he challeges it, loses, and punts it. WTF??? RUN THE BALL!!!!! MOVE THE CHAINS!!!!!

peace out

Anonymous said... Jan 12, 2009, 11:59:00 PM

I agree with you. Our defense has lost its nastiness. A few years back we had the leagues most feared run defense and even last year we had one of the leagues highest scoring defenses. I believe that it is due to the lack of our pass rush due in part to the loss of Merriman. I hope to god that he comes back next year. The lack of our pass rush has indeed showed how crappy of a player Cromartie is. He is such a pansy who can't defend the pass or make tackles in the run game. Horrible. He flourished last year only because our linebackers were making it into the backfield to pressure the QB.

Next year I hope we get Merriman back and make some vital draft choices especially in O-line, D-line, RB, and safety. Our left side of the line struggles, and an aging Jamal Williams and overrated Castillo and Igor arn't getting the push that they once had. Hart is continually blowing assignments and missing tackles. And an regrettably aging LT causes some concern at the position or RB. Sproles is a great compliment player but we need someone to carry the full load.

I hope we are able to improve our playcalling next year and make our offense more explosive and hopefully a full off season under Ron Rivera will bring back the edge in our defense.

Joe Fiorentino said... Jan 14, 2009, 1:19:00 PM

Arnie, 1 offensive play in the 3rd quarter. Yes, it was an interception, but we never got the ball back. The defense stood on the field too long. The O never had a shot.

Anonymous said... Jan 19, 2009, 4:11:00 PM

Wow the 3rd quarter was the story of our season. The defense can't get off the field. I think Jammer got injured and Gordon not Cason replaced him and he got destroyed by the run and pass. He got sealed off like he played Pop Warner and needed drops to warrant making a play in coverage. Hart was dreadful as always too slow to make a play and obviously same with Wilhelm. It looked like a regular season game where our D line and OLBs had nothing and our secondary blew. I thought it would change in the playoffs like the Cardinals but only the Colts game made it look like an illusion. Speaking of illusions our 11th ranked run defense was an illusion cause teams chose to pick apart our secondary instead. We made the Steelers O line look like they were the best in the league. I bet if Big Ben threw a pick his defense would get him the ball back in the same quarter. Honestly we need Maualuga bad and the only real players on defense are Weddle,Cooper,Merriman,Jammer,Waters and Siler who both need more playing time and enough with the Wilhelm crap. Merriman being gone exposed so many holes on our defense and exposed players like Cromartie who is the next coming of Deion Sanders. Talk about a pussie. If we don't get about 4 new starters on defense next year we are screwed. I honestly think we could find better talent in the draft then what we have on the field. Its disgusting. AJ has irked me with his pass draft picks and passed up Meriweather and Phillips two good young safeties for 'Bust'er Davis and Antoine Cason let alone get Hester who would have dropped to us anyway. Weddle is probably worth the 2nd round pick but he is good as a corner not a safety. His one on one skills are pretty good. If AJ wanted to trade up so bad a guy named Slaton absolutely made Smith look like an idiot for choosing Hester. We need Peppers cause Phillips is a joke. One good year means what? Ask Javon Walker.

Anonymous said... Jan 19, 2009, 8:30:00 PM

fire Norv
sign Julius Peppers
keep LT
draft Rey Maualuga
sign a hard hitting safety

Steve said... Apr 18, 2009, 4:06:00 PM

I don't understand this guy calling Cromartie a bum when he was playing with a messed up hip all year. And when the opposing QB's had all day to throw the ball all year.

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