Philip Rivers' New Contract Expected To Be Worth 100 Million+

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Philip Rivers is going to be a very rich man. The former #4 overall pick in the 2004 draft is approaching the end of his original contract with the San Diego Chargers. With just one year left on a six year deal, it is expected that the Chargers will do whatever it takes to retain their rising superstar QB. Rivers has played well in San Diego, and he'll command top dollar as a free agent. Of course, the San Diego Chargers would much rather sign Rivers to a long-term deal before he actually hits the market, and that deal could be worth upwards of 100 million dollars.'s Adam Schefter speculates that Philip Rivers will sign a deal similar to what Ben Roethlisberger signed in Pittsburgh; Roethlisberger signed an 8 year deal worth $102 million, 36 of which is guaranteed.

It's important to note however, that NFL contracts are basically numbers on a piece of paper. The guaranteed money is paid upfront and the franchise can terminate their players' contract at any time. 100 million dollars certainly sounds like an astounding number, but only a portion of it is actually guaranteed.


January 14, 2009

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Itay said... Jan 15, 2009, 6:37:00 AM

He is worth the money. With LT's career declining, Rivers is now the face of the franchise

Anonymous said... Jan 15, 2009, 8:20:00 AM

we went 8-8 with our team resting on the shoulders of PR.. LT was banged up it happens it the nfl.. Dont get me wrong Philip is outstanding and he keeps us around in the 4th and never gives up.. I personally think LT should get about 60_65% of the carries and sproles the rest

Anonymous said... Jan 15, 2009, 8:20:00 AM

add sproles more in the passing game out the backfield with LT in the game aswell. The ol and not being able to get off the field killed this team (Sumtimes Philip he made his mistakes to... fumbles and blatent picks.. u guys know.) solely to the ol not in rythm and **NO RUNNING GAME** A healthly LT and Merriman We'd prolly lose 1 game in the regular season to ATL cause we did lay an egg.. A guy in LT who sucked it up to be a part of this team when we were 4-8 said prior to us posting that record that this team will come running in the end.. They did.. He could have easily hung the cleats up early in the season. thru all the pain he stuck by his team now they're thinkn about trading the real face of the franchise couple years ago if it wasnt for lt i would never get to see my team on sportcenter because they were so bad.. He's definetly the reason why the chargers are probly still in san diego cause no one paid to watch robert chauncy doug flutie curtis conway ect all those players when we were in the rutt.. They should take pride in what hes done for the franchise he wants to be a charger.. thats not something too many elite players in the league wanna be..

Anonymous said... Jan 15, 2009, 5:32:00 PM

Philip River is definantly worth it.

It wasn't his fault our defense let 4 games slip away in the final 20 seconds. If not for our defense this team would be 12-4 or better.

arnie said... Jan 15, 2009, 8:25:00 PM

the defense can only do so much. the offense's primary job is to score points, and in the 9-9 season Rivers admitted they left a lot of them on the field. don't get me wrong rivers is worth the money, but this team has always been a running offense first, pass second. and that's what made rivers job so easy, with the threat of the runnig game, phillip just threw to the open man, in single coverage.

which means we've had to lean on him more to "win" the game, so he throws mre often, and is looking for the big play. problem, he's always looking for the big 20 yard play, when he only needs 3 yards for a first down. those are oppurtunities lost to keep the drive going, and giving your defense more time to rest. he's going to have to be smarter in looking off the safeties, using his check downs, and just take what the defense gives him to just move the chains.

peace out

Anonymous said... Jan 17, 2009, 1:31:00 PM

Pay the man,he's worth the investment...I love the fire he brings to our team..He backs his mouth with the play on the field...IS HE BETTER THAN DAN FOUTS? So far so good!!!

Fast Eddie said... Jan 17, 2009, 5:50:00 PM

He is not worth the money, we should have never ever given up Brees.
Roethlisberger made him look second rate last week and Rivers "had a chip on his shoulder because he didn't make the ALL Star team. Look across the field Philip that's what an All Star looks like.

Anonymous said... Jan 18, 2009, 6:18:00 PM

Brees has had great success in N.O. hasn't he Fast Eddie? He has as many weapons, gaudy stats and NO PLAYOFF WINS. Stop disrespecting PR! Ben's running game won for him last week...he absolutley did not outplay PR.

Anonymous said... Jan 20, 2009, 1:06:00 PM

no name obviously know nothing about football if you think PR outplayed Ben last week. Football is about winning and getting to Super Bowls...nuff said. PR is not even close
So Brees has more weapons than PR??? Who Colston (missed half the season with injuries), Bush (same)? who? yet he get's within 30yds of the single season record.

Anonymous said... Jan 22, 2009, 8:45:00 AM

In a year where the defense rarely showed up and their were ALOT of injuries to key players Rivers broke team records that Dan Fouts (who is a Hall of Fame QB) set in TD's and Passing Yards. I have been a Chargers Fan since 1980 and no other QB has done what Rivers has since taking over the team except Fouts and Humphries. So I say pay the man and keep him rather than see him walk and lose the chance of finally winning it all.

Anonymous said... Jan 22, 2009, 8:48:00 AM

The Chargers are 33-15 and have gone to the playoffs all three seasons with Rivers as the starting quarterback. Rivers' passer rating and touchdown-to-interception ratio are better than those of Tom Brady, John Elway, Brett Favre, Peyton Manning, Joe Montana or Steve Young in their first 48 NFL starts
Source: San Diego Union-Tribune

Steve said... Feb 2, 2009, 6:26:00 PM

If that's the going rate for a franchise QB, then that's what Rivers is worth. You have to lock up your core stars and hope that you have enough money (and luck) to fill out the rest of the roster with a quality team.

To the anon above who is ripping on PR: yes, football is about winning, but it takes a TEAM to win. Rothlisberger has had a better team (and has been a starter for 2 years longer) than Rivers. I don't care if you have PR, Brees, Big Ben, Warner, Brady or a Manning behind center, you won't win anything without an o-line, a run game and a top notch defense to go with it. Anyone who thinks otherwise really doesn't know anything about football.

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