Knowshon Moreno Says It Would Be A Pleasure To Play For The Chargers

Knowshon Moreno
Knowshon Moreno is one of the better running back prospects in the 2009 NFL Draft. The former Georgia Bulldog has proven to be a versatile and dynamic running back. Although Moreno didn't run as fast as expected at the NFL Combine, he is nonetheless one of the elite players available this year. Many people see Moreno as a natural fit in San Diego, as he'd be given the opportunity to learn from one of the game's best in Ladainain Tomlinson. Moreno would also provide the versatility that head coach Norv Turner covets in running backs. While there are a number of Chargers fans who would love for Moreno to don lightning bolts on Sundays, how does Knowshon Moreno himself feel about the idea of apprenticing under Tomlinson in San Diego?

"It would be a pleasure to learn from him. He's been there for a few years now. Just to be under his wing, so to speak, and learn what he knows. And also from Sproles, who's there now. That'd be really great. I'd find out what my role would be on the team and we'll see what happens after that."

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February 28, 2009

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Anonymous said... Feb 28, 2009, 7:25:00 PM

I'm a HUGE Moreno fan and would love it for the Chargers to take him at 16!

Arcadio said... Mar 1, 2009, 1:18:00 PM

our defense sucks ass and what r we gonna do about that, draft Moreno????!!!! R u fuckin nuts, then we'll be right where we ended up this year, a bad defense that can't stop anybody but an offense that already puts alot of points and all because u wanna draft moreno when ur pass defense was 2nd to last and ur total defense is ranked 25th, it's not smart at all to draft a runningback with the 16th pick when ur offense has a lt and darren sproles, if they want a rb so bad wait til the 3rd or 4th round or something but i say u pick up somebody defensively cuz we flatout sucked last year on defense and offense wasnt the problem and lt was hurt anyway, if the chargers pick up anything offensively it needs to be an offensive guard or tackle on the left side

Anonymous said... Mar 1, 2009, 3:33:00 PM

I just thought of this last night.. How about this, what if we deal Floyd and Gordon for a 2nd rd pick this year and draft a OL,

scenario 1: trade Sproles and next year 2nd rd for Peppers if they bite, sign Ray Lewis, Draft Knowshon Moreno or Wells with 16th, move Cason to start opposite of Jammer and move CRO to Safety or move Cason to safety and move Phillips to inside switching with either Ray or Coop or move him in place of IGOR. now our Defense will have Pass Rush on both ends the best there is and inside, presence in the middle and ballhawks in the secondary....

Here's your line up

RE - Shaun Phillips
NT - Jamal Williams
LE - Luis Castillo
LOLB - Shawne Merriman / Julius Peppers
ILB - Ray Lewis
ILB - Stephen Cooper
ROLB - Shawne Merriman / Julius Peppers
RCB - Quentin Jammer
LCB - Antonio Cromartie / Antoine Cason
SS - Eric Weddle
FS - Antonio Cromartie / Antoine Cason

Tell me that won't scare any Team out there.... If this defense don't win you a Superbowl with Ron Rivera directing them, I don't know what will

Go bolts!!!!


Anonymous said... Mar 1, 2009, 3:52:00 PM

shawn phillips weighs about 50 pounds too few to play end in a 3-4, and doesn't have experience stopping the run.

DTs from the 3-4 are better suited for the role of a 3-4 end than 4-3 ends are.

It is nice to think pie in the sky sometimes though :)

Anonymous said... Mar 1, 2009, 4:30:00 PM

ok let me re-do the Depth chart....


DE - Jaques Cesaire/ Shaun Phillips
NT - Jamal Williams/Ian Scott/ Ryon Bingham
LE - Luis Castillo/ Ryon Bingham
LOLB - Shawne Merriman / Jyles Tucker
ILB - Ray Lewis/Brandon Siler/ Shaun Phillips
ILB - Stephen Cooper/Tim Dobbins/ Antwan Applewhite
ROLB - Julius Peppers/ Shaun Phillips/Antwan Applewhite
RCB - Antoine Cason / Tribble/ Oliver
LCB - Antonio Cromartie /D-Flo/ Oliver
SS - Eric Weddle / Oliver
FS – Q Jammer / Gregory

Anonymous said... Mar 1, 2009, 4:33:00 PM

Jammer is a hard hitter that or sign Mike Brown or Darren Sharper, I think moving pieces around will work, they are all very versatile.. or maybe this.... The key is getting Peppers...

RE - Jaques Cesaire/ Shaun Phillips
NT - Jamal Williams/Ian Scott/ Ryon Bingham
LE - Luis Castillo/ Ryon Bingham
LOLB - Shawne Merriman / Jyles Tucker
ILB - Rey Maualuga Brandon Siler/
ILB - Stephen Cooper Tim Dobbins/ Antwan Applewhite
ROLB – Julius Peppers/Shaun Phillips
RCB – Quentin Jammer/Antoine Cason / Tribble
LCB - Antonio Cromartie /D-Flo/ Oliver
SS - Eric Weddle/Oliver
FS - Mike Brown or Darren Sharper/Gregory/Oliver

IN ANYWAY, The BOLTS need to fix teh DEFENSE first then draft O-LINEMEN


Anonymous said... Mar 1, 2009, 4:52:00 PM

PFFFFFFFFF we are gonna suck next year, what the heck is wrong with AJ Smith, do something!

Anonymous said... Mar 1, 2009, 8:35:00 PM

I wouldn't mind the Chargers drafting Knowshon Moreno, but I believe that we have more important needs on the defensive side, I would love to get Maualuga (doubt it), B.J. Raji (doubt it too) or Tyson Jackson. If they are both off the board then Knowshon would be acceptable

Arcadio said... Mar 2, 2009, 9:51:00 AM

what's more important to the chargers, defense or offense, FYI, we were ranked 25th defensively r u people stupid, whats the point of resigning LT if ur gonna draft a rb with the first pick, and LT is gonna retire about 4,5, or 6 years from now so whats the point of draftin a rb when we dont need one and ur defense clearly sucked ass, and people, Julius Peppers was tagged by the panthers so we cant pick him up and still have a first round draft pick and ray lewis wont last long so we should draft Rey Maualuga, then sign a Strong Safety and then find a Right end who can get to the QB and leave the running position alone til the 4th or 5th round

Anonymous said... Mar 2, 2009, 12:05:00 PM

AS far as I see it we have a decent Defense minus a coulpe of glaring holes at ILB next to Cooper and at SS. I think Weddle could probably play the SS but not sure if his body will hold up to the bigger runningbacks. Anyway, Jammer will probably be the SS in about 2 to 3 years. Not sure how we will address, wether it is FA or the draft, but that is where we need to start. Then I would try to bolster some positions for depth. Even though we got an aray of D-Lineman we could use some depth. I think Ryon Bingham and Ian Scott can play the DE or the DT. After Williams there is a drop at DT, but thats what happens when you have an all-pro DT. Smith is smart and usually makes good decisions. I think he was looking ahead to losing IGor and got Ian Scott to back-up Williams so that Bingham can move to DE. Here what it looks like for Defense.

RE Ryon Bingham/ Jacque Cesaire/ Need Depth Here
NT Jamal Williams/ Ian Scott/ NT of future (possibly Castillo in few yr)
LE Luis Castillo/ Jacque Cesaire/ Ian Scott
LOLB S Merriman/ Jyles Tucker
ILB !!!Glaring Hole!!!/ hate this but Wilhelm/ Dobbins
ILB Stephen Cooper/ Siler/ Tim Dobbins (better suited for this ILB position)
ROLB S Phillips/ Applewhite
RCB Cromartie/ Cason/ better depth
LCB Jammer/ Cason/ better depth
SS !!! Glaring Hole!!!/ Hart/ Oliver
FS Weddle/ Gregory

Anonymous said... Mar 2, 2009, 1:23:00 PM

q: the following is the sound of what?


a: a window, of opportunity.

gmen8306 said... Mar 3, 2009, 10:11:00 AM

why would carolina want sproles? they have stewart and williams. sign a safety and draft a lb. doubt ray lewis will end up on the west coast either even tho he would look good in the in the chargers 3-4

Anonymous said... Mar 5, 2009, 8:10:00 AM

the charger defense will improve once the pass rush is back...thats just common sense, When Merriman is back the D is back. chargers have to draft a future running back and Moreno is there best option. He is a Ladainain Tomlinson waiting to happen. and for him to learn from the best would make him even better. chargers can draft defensive prospects later in the draft but they need a talented future running back NOW.

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