Chargers Looking For Trade Partners At NFL Spring Meeting?

The San Diego Chargers' brass is in Dana Point today, along with the heads of every other NFL franchise. The league is holding it annual meetings this week and it's always an eventual occasion; where blueprints for rule changes and player exchanges are laid. Could the Chargers be working the floor in search for potential trading partners?

The Chargers were quietly active in free agency; the team didn't make any splashes by courting big-name players, but they did however sign linebacker Kevin Burnett. In addition to Burnett, the team was looking to bring in a couple of defensive backs in Drayton Florence and Jermaine Phillips. San Diego lost the bidding war on both of those players, but they made their intentions to bring in secondary help public.

San Diego is also without a second round in the 2009 NFL Draft and they'd certainly like to recoup that. If they cannot trade for a starting safety or nickel corner they'd be forced to address the need in the draft. But without a second round pick, the Chargers would have to wait for a quality DB to fall to the third round... a risky proposition.

There is no doubt the Chargers have holes to fill before the season kicks off. They need to add depth or potential starters on both sides of the line. A 5-tech defensive end is needed, along with a right tackle/right guard. The Chargers also desperately need depth at safety, and could also use a young running back to help take pressure off of Ladainian Tomlinson and Michael Bennett, both of whom will be in their 30s at season's start.

The San Diego Chargers certainly have their work cut out for them, but they'll get some help in the form of Compensatory Draft Picks (stay tuned to find out exactly what round those pick will come in). Compensatory draft picks are not tradable, but the Chargers' original picks are. Combining draft picks with potential trade bait like Antonio Cromartie, Darren Sproles, Kassim Osgood, and others, and the San Diego Chargers just might have enough ammo to make some big moves this offseason.

March 23, 2009

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Anonymous said... Mar 23, 2009, 10:23:00 AM

wow, they do have lot of holes. It's amazing how everyone thought that we were so stacked last few seasons. Meanwhile some of the moves last few seasons haven't worked out. it's actually directly related to how their season record indicates.
Admittedly by AJ, he does have lot of wheeling and dealing to do. I have a feeling they will be very active from this point on. Expect some big moves. We shouldn't be surprised by trades moves involving some big names....

Anonymous said... Mar 23, 2009, 11:14:00 AM

not sure we're thin an CB, but hopefully we can acquire an experienced S. I want a RT or a LB at 16

Anonymous said... Mar 23, 2009, 11:47:00 AM

From's mock draft by STeve Wyche.

....A 3-4 type end such as LSU's Tyson Jackson or Tennessee's Robert Ayers might be a possibility with the loss of Igor Olshansky, but the Chargers seemed prepared for that. Maualuga would be a very solid fit, though. San Diego could be a trade partner for a team like St. Louis, which has the third pick of the second round (No. 35) and would love to get to Kansas State's Freeman.

Anonymous said... Mar 23, 2009, 1:04:00 PM

theres no way we trade sproles. kassim, probobly.

on another note. I just saw kassim osgood the other night getting mexican food and he said tim dobbins is ugly.

Anonymous said... Mar 23, 2009, 1:15:00 PM

I wouldn't rule out trading Sproles, specially if Maualuga is gone before 16 and if Moreno, Wells or L. Jackson is available, trading Sproles might get us a 2nd rd pick and a later round, pick Moreno at 16 then a safety at 2nd round or if its high enough and he's there, Tenessee's Robert Ayers will be perfect since we lost Igor.

Anonymous said... Mar 23, 2009, 3:31:00 PM

I don't think trading Sproles is even on the slim chance list, he is too explosive in Norv Turners offense.
I see a DE, Olinemen, and Safety as the biggest needs now that the Chargers have gotten Burnett, however stud ILB, if he is heads and tails above the other positions could be a possibility in the 1st, or any other round.

Anonymous said... Mar 23, 2009, 7:59:00 PM

Wonder if the Chargers could afford to bring in Orlando Pace? When healthy he is still one of the best. Put him at left tackle and move McNeil to right tackle..which I understood was McNeils's preferred choice.

Go Def. End with pick #16. Jackson or Ayers..lack of a pass rush seemed to be biggest downfall last year. We can wait on an RB until next year or maybe third rounder like a Javon Ringer who was excellent on his pro day. Still leaves safety and LB needs.

Anonymous said... Mar 24, 2009, 2:48:00 PM

They will go DE or OT. Burnett will start at ILB so no need to draft there. If OT Smith (Alabama) falls or Chargers trade up for him or one of the other premier OT's then the offensive line could shift to improve three positions. New OT at left side, move McNeil to RT and Clary to RG. One draft pick = three position improvements.

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