BoltHype Mock Draft: Picks 1-16

Draft day is near, and Bolt fans are anxious to find out who the newest San Diego Charger will be. How will the draft unfold before the Chargers' 16th pick, and who will San Diego take?

BoltHype 2009 Mock Draft: Picks 1-16

01. Detroit Lions: Matthew Stafford, QB
The Lions take the franchise signal caller their team desperately needs.
02. St. Louis Rams: Jason Smith, OT
With Pace gone, the Rams take the best offensive lineman available.
03. Kansas City Chiefs: B.J. Raji, DT
Installing a 3-4 defense is hard enough without a nose tackle, so Pioli gets his early.
04. Seattle Seahawks: Eugene Monroe, OT
Seahawks still like Hasselbeck but he needs to be kept upright and healthy.
05. Cleveland Browns: Aaron Curry, LB
The Browns let the best defensive player in the draft fall to their laps.
06. Cincinnati Bengals: Andre Smith, OT
Smith has some minor question marks, but the Bengals take the most naturally talented OT in the draft.
07. Oakland Raiders: Michael Crabtree, WR
Without weapons on the outside, the Raiders will struggle to run the ball.
08. Jacksonville Jaguars: Michael Oher, OT
The Jags coached Oher at the Senior Bowl and think his upside to too great to pass up.
09. Green Bay Packers: Brian Orakpo, LB
As they transition to the 3-4, the Packers look to add a pass rusher.
10. San Fransisco 49ers: Mark Sanchez, QB
Alex Smith has been a major bust, and so the 49ers and new coach Mike Singletary start over.
11. Buffalo Bills: Robert Ayers, DE
Ayers is a great fit for Buffalo and will instantly improve their pass rush.
12. Denver Broncos: Tyson Jackson, DE
Worried that Jackson wont get past San Diego, Denver gets their 5-tech here.
13. Washington Redskins: Michael Johnson, DE
Redskins need pass rush and like Johnson's combination of measurables and potential.
14. New Orleans Saints: Chris Wells, RB
The Saints need a consistent running game and so they'll compliment Reggie Bush with Chris Wells.
15. Houston Texans: Malcolm Jenkins, DB
Jenkins could play either Safety or Corner for the Texans and could start right away.
16. San Diego Chargers: Rey Maualuga, LB
The Chargers continue to fortify their defense and take the draft's best Middle Linebacker.

Make The Pick: Who Should The Chargers Draft 16th Overall?

April 23, 2009

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Neoplatonist Bolthead said... Apr 23, 2009, 8:32:00 PM

Trade down! Detroit, Philly, Buffalo, New England, Miami, Baltimore, Indy... all these teams might be good candidates. Or take an end/OLB hybrid, either as an insurance policy for Merriman or as part of a transition to the 4-3 as Williams ages. If SD shifts their defensive structure, and they may have to, Maualuga will either become extraneous or make Cooper extraneous. Maualuga also doesn't fill a real need: they have Siler and Dobbins and Burnett. Plus there's his injury history. Without Ayers or Oher on the board, I really think it wouldn't be a bad idea to trade down. It should also be easy to make a deal, especially with a team like Buffalo (they are looking for a pass rusher, but so are NE and Miami).

Anonymous said... Apr 24, 2009, 6:50:00 PM

umm no

Jeff Williams said... Apr 24, 2009, 8:47:00 PM

I'm back and forth on Rey. It's not going to be a RB. I'm thinking no on Rey. I think our first pick will be an OT, with a strong likelihood we trade down.

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