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Looking for full Chargers games to download online? Look no more...

Most of us put our DVRs to good use during the NFL season, recording the games each week and filling our hard drives with pro football goodness. Inevitably, our hard drives swell and purging must take place. The first to go are usually preseason games. Deleting those games buys us four more weeks of regular season football, but soon thereafter we find ourselves with a difficult decision to make; which game(s) do I dare delete? Like parents forced to choose which of our children we love more, we anguish at the realization that we simply don't have the room for all of our babies. Do I delete week 4 at Oakland, or do I delete week 10 against the Chiefs?

The powers that be have heard our song of sorrow and have offered up the following solution: via Amazon and iTunes, the NFL will sell you condensed version of the games a la carte that you can download to your iPod, PC, or directly to your TV (depending on your set-top box...check for compatibility).

As far as I can tell, these aren't least not what we are used to. Condensed down to about 12-15 minutes, you buy video of only the good stuff. Turns out, when you remove commercials, timeouts, and half-time from the equation, an NFL game really only lasts about 15 minutes. Crazy...

Week 1: Panthers at Chargers Game Highlights

Week 8: Chargers at Saints Game Highlights

Playoffs Week 2: Chargers at Steelers Game Highlights

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July 5, 2009

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Anonymous said... Jul 6, 2009, 7:49:00 PM

Wow. For a Chargers fan who lives in New York, this is simply the best. I've gotten used to watching game highlights on, but now, hopefully, I'll just catch each game.

Viva la technology!

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