Larry English Agrees To Five-Year Contract With The Chargers

Both the San Diego Union-Tribune and are reporting that San Diego Chargers' first-round pick Larry English has agreed to a five-year contract with the team.
EDIT: Terms of the deal have been disclosed - 5 years, $13.4 million ($9.9 guaranteed, $3.6 million in playing time escalators. English will likely be practicing with the team as they hit the field tomorrow.

July 31, 2009

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Anonymous said... Aug 1, 2009, 12:56:00 PM

Congratulations to young Mr. Larry English and his family on the supposed signing of his Chargers rookie contract, and I wish him a great camp and big-time success in helping the Bolts get to, and WIN, the Super Bowl.
Just for Fun (and assuming the published numbers are correct), it may be amusing to consider Larry's contract in regular "working man's" numbers: As a full-time employee working 40 hours per week, x52 weeks, there are 2,080 work hours in a year (vacations are for wussies). At that workload Mr. Enlish's contract pays him $1,288.46 per HOUR for those 5 years ($951 per hour of that is "guaranteed"). Consider however, that even if the Chargers DO win this years Super Bowl, almost 1,000 hours of each of those 5 years is destined to be "vacation" via the off-season.
And while it's true Larry will have to stay "in shape" year-round and that he was a #1 draft choice (the top layer of the top level of the NFL football players "food chain"), I'm still mindful of what NFL managment (who never break a bone or a sweat) expects the fans to pay for seats, and that young Mr. English has yet to make a single NFL game tackle.
Hey kids! For more Fun: Divide the number of solo defensive tackles into the annual sum of any NFL players contract amount. Caution: You may cry yourself to sleep every night.

Anonymous said... Aug 1, 2009, 3:29:00 PM

@ Anon

Fortune smiles on some people. Larry and his fellow Chargers have been blessed with the talent and drive to perform rare feats which earn billions in revenue thanks to fans like you and me, and they are entitled to the fruits of their labors.

And while those per hour numbers certainly are high, don't despair kids, you too can earn as much as an NFL player without ever lacing up a cleat. Similar riches are available to those in the top strata of law, medicine and business. Just remember, money isn't everything.

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