San Diego Chargers Franchise Ranks 65th In America

As part of it's 7th annual franchise rankings, ESPN the Magazine runs a feature called 'Ultimate Standings' where they, along with the fans, rank every franchise in the four major sports leagues: the NFL, the NBA, the NHL, and Major League Baseball. Altogether, ESPN ranks 122 professional franchises in areas such as 'Bang For The Buck', 'Fan Relations', 'Ownership', 'Affordability', 'Stadium Experience', 'Players', 'Coaching', and 'Title Track.' After studying results from fan surveys and through conducting internal discussions, ESPN has announced that the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim are the highest ranked franchise in sports. Where did the San Diego Chargers fall? Our Bolts came in middle of the pack at 65. ESPN the Magazine contacted BoltHype for comment, and we were all but too pleased to oblige...

Below is an excerpt from ESPN The Magazine's July issue:

Last Year's Rank: 34
Title Track: 62
Ownership: 77
Coaching: 90
Players: 35
Fan Relations: 75
Affordability: 78
Stadium Experience: 107
Bang for the Buck: 42

When 2007 wrapped just short of the Big Game, the Chargers' limit seemed higher than the (powder blue) sky. Then some cloud cover rolled in. Shawne Merriman's season-robbing knee injury and LaDainian Tomlinson's bad groin fall under the umbrella of "you can't do anything about the weather," but GM A.J. Smith's mocking of LT's website-posted desire to remain in town whipped up an avoidable storm. Thankfully, cooler heads prevailed -- if only one of them belonged to the man wearing the headphones on the sideline. "Norv Turner proved to be an excellent game planner and has won in the playoffs," writes's Rob Zepeda. "But he has also shown to be a poor game manager." San Diego has more than its share of poor game watchers, too: Seats at Qualcomm are the league's seventh highest (thankfully, prices have been frozen for next season). The Chargers had better keep winning, or the fans will quickly realize that the stadium is no state-of-the-art pleasure den. "Certainly not a striking piece of architecture," says Zepeda. It never rains, but it may be starting to pour.

The Chargers scored high marks for it's quality of players and the number of wins the team has accumulated over the past three seasons. On the other hand, stadium experience graded low, and ESPN didn't grade the San Diego Chargers coaching too high either.

Overall, the Chargers ranked higher than any of their AFC West counterparts, the closest being the Denver Broncos at 75.

Here is how the NFL teams fell into place. The Steelers were the highest ranked pro football team, and the #3 professional franchise overall. The San Diego Chargers came in almost exactly in the middle of the pack; 17 out of 32 NFL team, and 65 out of 122 franchises. Did the San Diego Chargers receive accurate grades in your opinion, or should their scores drop lower (or raise higher)?

NFL Rank/ NFL Team/ Overall Rank
1 Pittsburgh Steelers 3
2 Green Bay Packers 13
3 Indianapolis Colts 14
4 Tennessee Titans 15
5 New England Patriots 19
6 Carolina Panthers 28
7 Baltimore Ravens 29
8 Arizona Cardinals 33
9 Houston Texans 39
10 Seattle Seahawks 40
11 Atlanta Falcons 43
12 Philadelphia Eagles 44
13 New York Giants 45
14 New Orleans Saints 52
15 Miami Dolphins 61
16 Jacksonville Jaguars 62
17 San Diego Chargers 65
18 Chicago Bears 69
19 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 73
20 Denver Broncos 75
21 Dallas Cowboys 76
22 San Francisco 49ers 87
23 Minnesota Vikings 89
24 Buffalo Bills 91
25 Washington Redskins 92
26 New York Jets 103
27 Kansas City Chiefs 106
28 St. Louis Rams 112
29 Cleveland Browns 114
30 Oakland Raiders 116
31 Cincinnati Bengals 118
32 Detroit Lions 119

Link: Ultimate Standings 2009: No. 65: San Diego Chargers

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July 1, 2009

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Anonymous said... Jul 3, 2009, 3:11:00 AM

Ahh-h, ESPN the Magazine just BLOWS!! Let me count the ways...;
1. TITLE TRACK: Ouch!! Yes, that is a very sore point. 62 is about right.
2. OWNERSHIP: Spanos', enough said. 77 is way too high. Spanos sightings in San Diego are rarer than Bigfoot at Neiman Marcus, and the worst part is we don't miss them.
3. COACHING: 90 is too low. Even the blind can buy a winning lottery ticket, so Norv; please wake up and use your full tool set. Go for it!
4. PLAYERS: #1! Our Charger players are just fine, as is; thank you very much.
5. FAN RELATIONS: 75 should be a 60 - Yes, San Diego has way too many bandwagon riders here, but that's because so many of you foreign traffic bumps still have a disgusting, latent loyalty to your "home" teams, over the rainbow. Besides, what "relationship" is being described? The players out in our communities are fine, and the true Charger fans like each other just fine too. And while it's true we don't think much of Dean "Mr. Nepotism" Spanos or the personality-challenged A.J. Smith; the only football man in this town to really rile the fans is Norv. That's because we've been lucky enough to see great Coaches here on occasion, and we already know Norv isn't one of them. But that doesn't mean he can't be lucky, ah.., I mean successful, here. Norv, please, loosen up and let your players play.
6. AFFORDABILITY: Spanos' again, enough said. A lower # is due. Here's an idea!? How about a bring-your-own-grease discount ticket window?
7. STADIUM EXPERIENCE: Bullshit - That 107 should be a #7! Yes, it's the Spanos' again (*Actually, Once Upon a Time our stadium used to be multi-use and beautiful, like a wonderful young lovely just coming of age. Nowadays, after Mayor Susan Golding talked us all into having her botoxed and tattood to reach a broader, Super demographic; our former Fairest of the Fair sits around in a blurred flabby funk, slurring her words and wondering why nobody calls). But underneath that worn-out facade still lies the makings of a true Beauty, and with our weather, topography, and open tail-gating; we should rank way high still! We could be Giants! And what about those Charger Girls?! C'mon!
8. BANG FOR THE BUCK: I say #22 - Yes, the Chargers are a bit expensive, but so are all the really beautiful high-priced call girls. And it's not the ladies that are to blame, it's the greedy NFL pimps (sort of)! Again, this is a finely-tuned tourist town that obviously knows how to wine-and-dine when it wants too. Our stadium days could beat anyone else's stadium's ass any day of the week; if only there was a will, the enthusiasm, and the leadership to just do it. Hell, we can't even paint it right these days, and have you seen our Public Art?! Uhg-g...

Rob Zepeda said... Jul 3, 2009, 11:55:00 AM

hahaha! hilarious comment dude!

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