Chargers 2009 Training Camp Impressions - Part 2

Rob Zepeda of was on-hand at the San Diego Chargers Training Camp today. With hundreds of photos from practice along with camp impressions, we hope you'll continue to visit throughout the year for more San Diego Chargers analysis, opinion, and interviews.

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Vincent Jackson Continues To Get Better

The player I was most impressed with at today's practice was, by far, Vincent Jackson. Already possessing tremendous physical tools, Jackson has clearly continued to grow as a professional wide receiver. Jackson displayed some incredible one-handed catches today, to which my reaction was simply "wow!" Vincent Jackson and Philip Rivers have excellent on-field chemistry, and it would be a shame to break that up by not extending Jackson's contract. Philip Rivers and Vincent Jackson could be one of the game's great QB-WR duos. They'll combine for lots of big plays down the field this year.

Kynan Forney Penciled In As The Starter?

When camp opened first to the rookies, the young players enjoyed plenty of attention and certainly did their part to impress their coaches. But as the veterans join the team, evaluations undergo a new perspective. Take, for example, the battle at right guard between the rookie Louis Vasquez and the veteran Kynan Forney. There has been plenty of talk this offseason that the competition at right guard will be fierce, and indeed it appears be just that. Vasquez will certainly have his shot at earning a starting job, but there are no guarantees he'll be a starter this year. As far as Head Coach Norv Turner is concerned, the position is filled at the moment. Forney is a very capable player who has years of NFL experience and is already acclimated to what the Chargers' offense entails. Louis Vasquez is a nice young player who appears to have tremendous upside, but there is no pressure for him to assume the starting role Week 1. The Chargers will be just as happy to start their season with a veteran group of lineman who know the offense inside and out. "We have our group of starters.," says Head Coach Norv Turner. "We also have some guys who can compete and play at this level. But there's a lot of things that go in to [evaluating offensive linemen]. Athletic ability. Toughness. Physical toughness. Mental toughness. The ability to assimilate information. We've got a lot going on out there."

Chargers Still Practicing In 'Shells'

The Chargers are still practicing in 'shells' which are essentially the thin padding they wear under their real pads. Coach Turner slowly works his guys into full gear, and thinks it's an essential process so as to avoid injuries. "It's always great when you get into pads. That first day gets exciting. I like to take a little bit off of it by waiting a while before getting into pads."

Defensive Backs Shut Down The Field

As a whole, the secondary looked confidant and played with a swagger, breaking up passes and generally making the quarterbacks' lives difficult. Interceptions, however didn't come so easily. Paul Oliver made a nice play on the ball, but when he failed to come up with the interception, Cromartie ordered "P.O." to do a set of push-ups. Interestingly enough, of all the defensive backs who made plays on the ball, only Quentin Jammer came away with an actual interception. Jammer had long been known to be a stellar cover corner who simply lacked good ball skills. Each offseason, Jammer spends time on improving his hands - will this finally be the year he puts it all together and earns his long-overdue trip to the Pro Bowl?

Larry English Not On The Field For Morning Practice

Larry English did not practice with the team during this morning's session, as he had not officially signed his contract. English was in the building, however, going over documents and getting his physical out of the way. He should be cleared to practice with the team in the afternoon's session.

August 1, 2009

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Anonymous said... Aug 1, 2009, 3:34:00 PM

Wow great stuff! Thanks for the updates! I'm glad English is signed and can get onto the field. This year is going to be a fun one to watch that's for sure!

Anonymous said... Aug 1, 2009, 7:05:00 PM

Good stuff Zepeda! Alot better than what Kevin Acee gave us. His blog about the morning sessions today was pathetic.

Anonymous said... Aug 2, 2009, 6:01:00 PM

Still to early to tell whats good and bad. Give it a couple of weeks and we will really start to see which way the team is going. Some people think thay can predict the season by how it goes in preseason games. Who cares if they finish 0-4.Its mostly back ups and wana bes out there. The starts will looks bad but ths just getting rid of the rust. We will know how the season will end after game 4 of the regular season.

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