4th And Goal With Jeff Williams

Football fans, game time is near, and this when we will see what the Chargers are all about. The first game of the season can be a good prediction of things to come, but it can also be misleading. There is so much hype and so much build up to that first game of the year; sometimes you never know what to expect in the following weeks.

But with a game under their belts and a long season ahead of them, the Chargers know more about their strengths and weaknesses and hopefully have a better idea of how to adapt to them. On offense we saw more of the same- a tough time running the ball but a passing game that was able to save the day. The injuries at RB and on the O-line feel all too familiar, and couldn't have come at worse time. The Baltimore Ravens and their nasty 'D' come to town and smell blood in the water.

After watching a replay of last Monday's game I feel a little better about our defense. Make that felt a little better...until I heard the news that Jamal Williams is out for the year. Now my optimism has been replaced by a deep concern that Jamal will be too difficult to replace. As if they didn't have enough to worry about, now the Chargers have to try to replace the anchor of the defensive line.

The injuries to this team have been huge, probably the biggest since the playoffs in January 2007. Injuries have knocked out a team captain on offense and defense, two starters on the offensive line, and have a number of other key players already limping around camp. And if the Chargers ever needed something to rally around, it should be these injuries.

What does an injured beast do when it's back is against a wall? It doesn't give up, it doesn't roll over and die. It's pulls every ounce of fire and every bit of strength out of it's ailing body and it attacks. The fight will not wait for the body to heal, the fight never stops. The Chargers know where they are hurting, and it's time for the rest of the body to step it up.

September 20, 2009

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Anonymous said... Sep 21, 2009, 11:34:00 AM

Mr. Williams, you're so right. On Defense, much of it is about a fighting spirit; the idea that "your back is against the wall" but you're NOT going to quit or concede an inch. In other words, in my testosterone-powered parlance: S.S.S. (Show Some [Nut] Sack)!!
At yesterday's home opener, for the most part the Charger players DID that; but Norv did NOT. The most important not-talked-much-about play of the whole game was the NON-play; an astoundingly stupid "delay of game" penalty taken at the Ravens 4-INCH line!!! This, even after a delay for a play review?!? There are play clocks conspicuously posted at either end of the stadium, yet the Charger brain trust repeatedly shows a real knack for fumbling the play before Rivers can even get under the Center. Amazing. Add to that Norv calling for a field goal on 3rd down, and all of a sudden the questionable call for Sproles to run for 4th-and-2 at the Ravens 15 looks almost "normal". Right now, our Chargers look "shaken, not stirred". Hang in there guys.

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