Three And Out: September 11, 2009

Some quick San Diego Chargers news bits for the week, including an update on Shawne Merriman's legal situation, as well as ESPN's Week 1 Power Rankings...

(Photo Credit: Mike Nowak/San Diego Chargers)


Chargers linebacker Shawne Merriman learned Friday afternoon that the San Diego District Attorney won’t pursue charges in connection with the events that led to Merriman being the subject of a citizen’s complaint early Sunday morning.

“It’s really good news for Shawne,” Chargers General Manager A.J. Smith said. “We’re happy things worked out for him on the legal front.” Merriman won’t face charges


Both the Philadelphia Eagles and the NY Giants are ranked higher than the San Diego Chargers...but maybe that's a good thing for the Bolts; there is a difference between being confident and being so overconfident that you overlook opponents, which is something the Chargers cannot afford to do:

1 Steelers 12-4-0 They're loaded with talent and their coach knows how to maximize it. Can you say "repeat"? (Chadiha)
2 Patriots 11-5-0 QB Tom Brady's broad shoulders have to carry an aging defense. (Clayton)
3 Giants 12-4-0 The Giants have concerns on defense, but they buy time with solid ground game. (Clayton)
4 Eagles 9-6-1 QB Donovan McNabb isn't wild about Wildcat, but he's the Eagles wild card to success. (Clayton)
5 Chargers 8-8-0 Even if the Chargers get caught up in the hype, they will win the division. (Kuharsky)

ESPN: 2009 NFL Power Rankings: Week 1


NFL fans love to have a little action on their team each Sunday, but the best chance at winning a bet is often on the total (or over-under). It means instead of picking the winner, you are handicapping whether the combined total of points is over or under a certain number.

In Week 1, UNDER bettors often make out like bandits.

"The Chargers are a perfect example of this trend - in the past 10 Week 1 games where they were favored, the game went UNDER the total," says football handicapper Jack Randall, one of the odds gurus at

"Something to think about as they prepare for their Monday Night battle at Oakland."

Here's why Week 1 is often friendly to the UNDER play.

Recreational or 'square' bettors like to bet OVER. Everyone likes a high-scoring game. But oddsmakers don’t drive fancy cars and live in fancy houses because they're dumb.

Knowing Week 1 NFL fans are more inclined to wager OVER, they inflate the line a point or two, making UNDERs even more likely. As in most sports, defense usually progresses faster than offense, giving defenses - and low-scoring games - the edge.

The one game where Randall says NFL experts discourage this angle is Thursday's opener in Pittsburgh. But the Steelers and Titans both have terrific defenses, you say. True, but when the total inches down toward 34.5, Week 1 indicators gathered by point OVER.

"In fact, if you had bet the Steelers OVER the total the past seven seasons, you would have won seven times," says Randall. "They have the rep for having a great defense and the public figures they're gonna pitch a shutout every week.

“It's one of those rare weeks where betting every game UNDER could earn you a 12-4 record and a tidy profit."

Some UNDER angles for Week 1 (and a list of some top signup bonuses and contests):

Tampa has played UNDER in 15 of past 18 Week 1s

San Diego has played UNDER 8 of past 10 Week 1 when a favorite.

New Orleans played UNDER 8 of past 10 Week 1s

St Louis has played 7 of 8 Week 1 games UNDER

Washington has played 8 of 9 Week 1 games UNDER

Baltimore has played 8 of 10 Week 1 games UNDER

Tennessee has played 5 of 6 Week 1 road games UNDER

Buffalo is 9-2 favoring UNDER past 11 opening-week games

Chicago has played 5 straight Week 1 UNDERs

Philly has played 5 of past 6 Week 1 games UNDER

See the latest live NFL odds here at BOLTHYPE by clicking here.

September 11, 2009

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I don't know about the rest of you, but I come here for the cheerleader pics! Thanks Rob! :)

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