Chargers-Broncos: Bring On Revenge Week

Jeff reflects back on the Chargers' Week 6 loss to the Denver Broncos, and why this time things will be different. The Chargers are rolling at the right time, while the Broncos revert back to second place in the division; will both teams continue on their respective courses, or will fortunes turn once again?

It wasn't that long ago that the Chargers had just lost to the Broncos on Monday Football, in what was seen as a crushing blow to the Bolts postseason hopes and dreams. It was after that game, where they fell 3.5 games behind Denver, that I wrote this:

"After Monday's loss to the Denver Broncos, the San Diego Chargers find themselves below .500 with a two game losing streak. While they are not mathematically eliminated from the AFC West Division race, the Chargers have potentially dug themselves a hole that is too deep to get out of. A lot of fans (and even some of the players if you read between the lines) have already turned their sights to winning the wild card. How realistic is that?"

Before you get all over me for doubting our beloved blue-and-gold, let me remind you that over 74% of you predicted that the Chargers would not make the postseason after that loss (in a poll here on What a difference a month makes, don't you think?

Now going into Week 11, tied at 6-3 atop the AFC West, the Chargers are playing for sole possession of first place in the division. The Broncos aren't as much fun to pick on these days since Jay Cutler was kicked out of Colorado and Brandon Marshall shut his mouth, but they are still our biggest threat in the division. I probably don't have to expound upon the importance of a win this Sunday, which would eliminate the head-to-head tie breaker that Denver currently holds. I don't think Denver will be able to live up to their early season hype as we head into the home stretch, but this is not the same team that folded like a crunch wrap supreme (and smelled about as bad- no offense, Taco Bell) at the end of last season. So looking into my crystal ball once again, here are my predictions for the rest of the season:

San Diego
W 11 Nov 22 SD @ DEN
W 12 Nov 29 KC @ SD
W 13 Dec 06 SD @ CLE
L 14 Dec 13 SD @ DAL (tough call, counting on the late-season surge)
W 15 Dec 20 CIN @ SD
W 16 Dec 25 SD @ TEN (physical team, but still playing below expectations)
W 17 Jan 03 WAS @ SD (bad team, but still beat the Broncos)

That's a 12-4 record for our home team. Not bad for a team that started 2-3, if they can pull off the win in Denver.

L 11 Nov 22 SD @ DEN
L 12 Nov 26 NYG @ DEN
W 13 Dec 06 DEN @ KC
L 14 Dec 13 DEN @ IND
W 15 Dec 20 OAK @ DEN
L 16 Dec 27 DEN @ PHI
W 17 Jan 03 KC @ DEN

That's a 9-7 record for the Broncos. Even if Denver manages to win 10 games, the Chargers still have a great shot at winning the division, but it will be a lot easier with a win this Sunday.

What a difference a month makes...shame on all of you doubters at there! Be sure to share your predictions for Sunday's game and the rest of the Chargers' season.

November 19, 2009

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Rob Zepeda said... Nov 19, 2009, 10:37:00 AM

It's a dangerous thing to look past your upcoming opponent, but I do think the Chargers are surging at the right time. They should finish up the season with no worse than an 11-5 record and should once again host that AFC West Championship banner.

philiprules said... Nov 19, 2009, 2:42:00 PM

It all depends on which Dallas team decides to show up, but if the Bolts take Den (probably) and KC & Cleveland (almost sure things), the momentum they'd have going into Dallas would be really tough on the 'Boys.
I think the Cincy game is going to be the tough one. At least it's at home.

Anonymous said... Nov 19, 2009, 4:09:00 PM

I also predicted a 12-4 season for us and a 9-7 season for the Broncos. I beleive that we may even go 13-3. Dallas and cinci will be tough games but so were NY and Philly. I think most of the tough games are behind us, but we should roll into every game like we are the underdogs. No more lathargic football. Norv needs to mix it up an suprise every team we play. Norv is regarded as one of the best play callers in the NFL.. Prove it to us Norv we deserve it. This city deserves it. GO CHARGERS!!!!

Anonymous said... Nov 19, 2009, 8:06:00 PM

If LT keeps running we're golden. Opens up the whole offense. Rivers went 20 of 25, 231 YDS, 2 TDs and 0 INTS. Defense has been doing great in the red zone.

Anonymous said... Nov 20, 2009, 8:10:00 AM

Charger Fan since '71. If we beat the Bengals at home on 12/20 we have a team that will go deep into the playoffs. We need to win this week in Denver. I appreciate the AFC West Championships; we own this Division (we own the Colts too!), however, I want a Lombardi Trophy here in America's Finest City. I want to see LT holding that trophy....For the conspiracy theorists out there, remember the Chargers and the Mayor of San Diego are FINALLY trying to build an NFL stadium in downtown San Diego (where it belongs). A Superbowl Championship would grease the tracks for that to happen. Go Chargers!

Anonymous said... Nov 20, 2009, 9:07:00 PM

In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king. All the running game has to be is better than abysmal; and that should be enough.

Billy Da Kid said... Nov 23, 2009, 12:13:00 PM

I just heard that Cooper and Travis Johnson were also at that bar with Cromartie

Michael Ziegler said... Nov 28, 2009, 6:08:00 AM

I realize that the majority of sports figures here in the US and abroad behave themselves when not on the field of play, but the few that don't truly paint an ugly picture of unsportsmanlike conduct. Being a fan of the Chargers and football in general, it greatly pains me to see and hear about grown men behaving like ill-tempered, spoiled rotten little brats. For shame. Somebody needs an expensive "time out"!

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