4th And Goal With Jeff Williams

Jeff goes off on a bit off a rant about the Chargers not getting enough love at the Pro Bowl ballot box, and who can blame him? Read his take and then go vote!

Explain something to me Chargers fans…explain to me how when it comes to Pro Bowl voting, Philip Rivers is barely a top-5 quarterback, Vincent Jackson is not even in the top-5, and Antonio Gates is not the top tight-end in the AFC? How is Carson Palmer ahead of Philip Rivers in fan voting at this point? Chargers fans, we are better than this! And Philip Rivers and the San Diego Chargers offensive juggernaut deserve better than this! Loyal BOLTHYPE readers, can you live with yourselves if Ben Roethlisberger or Carson Palmer makes into the Pro Bowl over a true MVP candidate like Rivers? Pro Bowl voting ends tomorrow (I think)...log on to NFL.com and start voting here: http://www.nfl.com/probowl/ballot

Of course, I'm not expecting Rivers or any of his teammates to actually play in this year's Pro Bowl, and the teams involved in the conference championship games will not have anyone playing in the Pro Bowl. Yeah, I'm thinking the Chargers will be one of those teams.

The Saints ruined their perfect season. And I was hoping for the Chargers to be the first team in NFL history to beat TWO unbeaten teams in the post-season. So much for that idea. With the Saints showing some signs of weakness, can we still expect a Chargers-Saints Super Bowl? Share your thoughts with us now!

Hey, are you still reading this? Why aren't you voting for your favorite Chargers on NFL.com? Come on now, get moving!

December 20, 2009

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Anonymous said... Dec 23, 2009, 12:03:00 PM

I voted, I voted! But alas, it didn't matter; and Mr. William's plea for common sense is absolutely right on the mark. If nothing else, all this "Pro Bowl" voting is mostly nonsense in a team game like football. It always has been and always will be, and those who put much stock in comparing players because of their respective Pro Bowl selections should take special note. There are always many more worthy competitors than there are openings for "honors". The truth is that the "voting public" is notoriously prone to simplistic recall, half-baked statistics, and just altogether feeble comparisons, making Pro Bowl voting where fan enthusiasm and Alzheimer's intersect.
MY personal List for CHARGER Pro Bowl-worthy players so far?

1. Philip Rivers – Duh I. If you watch him, you have to admire him.
2. Antonio Gates – Duh II. As above.
3. Vincent Jackson – Duh III. He takes over games, and often.
4. Mike Scifres – Duh IV. Has anyone ever done it better, ever?
5. Nate Kaeding – Duh V. There can't be any question here, right?
6. David Binn – Duh VI. The uncommon common denominator, a new-age Silent Assassin who has done it so well, so long, no one notices anymore.

And if there was a Pro-Bowl for so-called "BACK-UP" Players:
1. Scott Mruczkowski - "Mooch" the back-up Center played great, just absolutely inspirational - The Chargers better protect him, because other teams will be trying to steal him away soon. What a find!

And if there is going to be a Pro-Bowl for Back-Up Players, there should also be a Pro-Bowl/HONORABLE MENTION candidates. My picks:

1. Brandon Dombrowski - Another "new guy" and one of the "ski" brothers, Dombroski has been bashed sometimes, but he's never quit or let up, not even for a second. Another inspirational, gritty player.
2. Ian Scott - Although not as great as the incomparable Jamal Williams, Scott has played surprisingly well. Another inspirational player.
3. Ogemdi Nwagbuo - On IR now, but he played like a lion when he could, still another inspirational "substitute" player.
4. Antwan Applewhite - As above. I sure hope he fully heals next year.
5. Jacob Hester - For a guy that doesn't *return* kicks, he has been absolutely awesome in coverage.
6. Malcom Floyd - A "super sub" who is a Starter now. He won't go back.
7. Kris Wilson - He'd be the starting TE on almost any other NFL club.
8. Kassim Osgood - the most under-utilized but undeniably talented player the team has that isn't a starter off of Special Teams. He's been a great, inspirational player for years now.
9. Tim Dobbins - An old-school football player who will stick his head in there with the best of them. If I played against him, I'd be afraid on every play; the ultimate basic compliment for any linebacker.

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