Help This Charger Fan & Win A Trip To The Super Bowl

Charger-fan Amanda Cameron is one of eight finalists in the Monster/NFL Director of Fandemonium contest. In the follow post, Amanda talks about the contest along with her recent trip to New York City where she met NFL legends such as Sterling Sharpe and Jerome Bettis. Check out her pictures and read her blog after the jump...

What's up Charger fans?! I need your support and in return you can win a trip to the Super Bowl! How cool would it be there to witness the Chargers win Super Bowl XLIV? All you have to do is go to once a day and vote for me.

This contest has been an amazing adventure so far and it can only get better. The top 8 contestants were flown to New York for a week of craziness. We each had a film crew follow us around NYC while we did crazy football activities. I did a touchdown dance in Times Square, rode a Ferris wheel in a toy store by myself singing the San Diego Super Charger song, played catch on the ice rink in Central Park, and many other crazy activities. Although that was a lot of fun, one of the highlights of my trip was meeting Jerome Bettis and Sterling Sharpe. You can check out videos from my week on the Monster Director of Fandemonium Facebook page.

I need some fan support so we don't get beat by the Steelers or the Colts!!!! Not only do I win a cash prize, but I also get to attend the coin toss at Super Bowl XLV, call a play at the 2011 Pro Bowl and even announce one of the Chargers' picks at the NFL Draft. I think it would be so rad to represent the Chargers at the draft.

Please vote for me, and vote every day! Thank you!

December 28, 2009

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Anonymous said... Dec 29, 2009, 10:14:00 AM

Amanda Cameron!?! Hey, I used to sometimes work with this young lady years ago, and you can BELIEVE she is a MAJOR-league Charger Fan!!! Huuuuuuge! The Real Deal for sure, and I've been a Bolt fan since 1962.
Amanda's also amazingly beautiful (as you can see in the pictures, but even better in person), and she's just as sweet and nice a person as you will ever meet; a *perfect* potential representative for our Super Bowl WINNING Chargers!!! So if any of you can vote for her at the link provided (I could NOT get it to work on my computer, dammit), by all means DO SO! I give Amanda my unequivocal 100% endorsement, 5 out of 5 stars (7 if they'd allow it), and no; I'm not getting any kickback or cut and I'm not a relative or friend that she even knows of, just a justifiable admirer who'd like to see good things happen to a good person. C'mon Bolt fans, get in there and DO THIS THING!
Go Bolts!!!!

Anonymous said... Dec 29, 2009, 1:53:00 PM

FYI, the link is working now; so please vote for Amanda Cameron ASAP, and repeat every single day. Yo, you could even win your own Super Bowl seat!!
Vote AMANDA, If she can't do it, no one can...,da

soca99 said... Dec 29, 2009, 4:10:00 PM

Thanks Mr. or Mrs. Anonymous!

Anonymous said... Dec 29, 2009, 8:34:00 PM

This is cool. I am going to win the trip and see the Chargers in Super Bowl XLIV

Anonymous said... Jan 7, 2010, 11:57:00 AM

Hey, HEY!! Early congratulations to our Charger Girl AMANDA CAMERON trying for the lead in Fandamonium contest (where VOTERS can also win a seat at the Super Bowl - to watch our Bolts there)!
Amanda has moved UP the list and is now in SECOND PLACE! With our good (and regular - vote every day) help, we can put her over the top!
************** C'mon Bolt Fans, let's DO THIS THING! **************
Vote Amanda, every day, and TELL YOUR BOLTHEAD FRIENDS too!
You can win a Super Bolt seat just for voting. A win-win situation!!

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