Three And Out: December 23, 2009

An exciting game awaits Chargers fans as Philip Rivers and the Bolts head to Tennessee to take on an explosive Titans offense. Chris Johnson is making headlines and earning MVP votes, but Rivers is quietly having an MVP season of his own.


The San Diego Chargers travel to the Tennessee Titans in what should be an electric game. Both team's feature dynamic offensive players who are making strong cases for their MVP candidacy.

Philip Rivers, looking for his 10th-straight victory, is on pace to become the first Chargers QB to pass for 4000+ yards in back-to-back seasons since Dan Fouts.

The Titans' Chris Johnson will try to build on his torrid pace to become the NFL's all-time all-purpose yards leader, as he is within striking range of Marshall Faulk's record of 2,429 yards.

This is a game that has playoff implications, records waiting to be broken, and a scoreboard that will be lit wont want to miss it.


It was in 2007, during the AFC divisional playoff game, that the Titans and Chargers last meet. A hard-fought game on both sides of the ball, the Chargers' defense proved suffocating as they helped the Bolts secure a 17-6 win over the Titans. But the victory proved costly, as the Chargers left the game banged up and bandaged.

Guys were playing to the whistle and beyond, and it became clear that the two teams didn't particularly care for one another (I sense a trend here).

Titans head coach Jeff Fishers tells the San Diego Union-Tribune, "We've had some great battles, great matchups, and didn't wind up on the winning side of any of them. But I know there are some other teams I've heard of that don't particularly care for the Chargers. Maybe it's them."


Philip Rivers is quietly having an absolutely outstanding season; 25 touchdowns to only 9 interceptions, a passer rating of over 100, and 4000 passing yards well within reach. A shame he gets eclipsed by guys like Farve and Manning, but those two are future Hall-of-Famers and yet Rivers is playing as well or better than them both.

December 23, 2009

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Anonymous said... Dec 23, 2009, 9:55:00 PM

I too see a trend with teams not liking us and it starts and ends with the players. we have too many trash-talkers on this team and not enough true sportsmen like Jamal Williams, Jammer, and LT. It's a shame, but until we get those showboats off this team, this will be the perspective league-wide

Anonymous said... Dec 23, 2009, 11:00:00 PM

Personally, I don't mind the yappers at all (on either side) as long as they don't threaten personal injury or play to inflict personal injury; and can back it up on the field. It's a game within the game, and is intriguing because there is an ebb and flow. Example: Merriman's and/or Cromartie's boasting in the past looks pretty silly now; and people don't forget. Conversely, Rivers' silly yipping has yet to be pushed back down his throat, so (in a small way) it gives a slight swagger to the whole offense; and announces to bigger, stronger men that he won't be easily intimidated. It also announces that you will embrace risk, and that gives them more to think about.
The preferable way is the L.T. way (i.e. act like you’ve been there before) and realize the only way that you will fully exhibit true expertise is during play, not after the whistle. It’s called maturity.
But football is not a popularity contest, and there is no Mr. Congeniality award. It’s an all-male business about punishment, intimidation, and territory; and attaining it by force and a combination of physical dominance and superior strategy. Testosterone, baby! Bring on the next challenger!!

Anonymous said... Dec 24, 2009, 12:37:00 AM

I am in a small state of shock that i just read a comment that is as ignorant as mr anonymous said at 9:55. It is part of the game. those trash talkers also happened to have won 9 straight football games and are clearly backing up the talk. so if you would like a team that gets rid of showboats in order to be more well liked around the nfl maybe you should cheer for a team like detroit who has absolutely nothing to talk about.

Anonymous said... Dec 24, 2009, 10:23:00 AM

Jeff fisher is just upset because chargers got the best of the two hard fought contests against his team. What I didn't particularly liked was him implying that other teams don't particularly care for the Chargers. Last I read other NFL players find it appealing to play for the Chargers due to the no quit culture and great weather.Lets not forget to mention great coaching staff. I agree a player should stay focused and celebrate after the game but lets face it this is an emotional and difficult game and these guys work hard at it, 365 days of the year. The deserve a little celebration. Go Bolts!
Lighting 72

Anonymous said... Dec 24, 2009, 10:23:00 AM

Jeff Fisher go take a nap!

Anonymous said... Dec 24, 2009, 11:36:00 AM

I don't care what anyone else out there says, that first game with Fisher's Titans put everyone around me in shock seeing how vicious Tennessee players were hitting the Chargers. There was no doubt they were out there to damage and intimidate. I could hardly believe my eyes at some of the stuff going on, and I had watched every game to that point, so it wasn't lack of perspective. "Someone" wound up their boys pretty tight for that game, and it has been a subject of discussion for two years now. If Jeffy boy wants to blame it on the Chargers, maybe he'd like to sit down and watch the whole game on replay and see what comments he can come up with.

Anonymous said... Dec 24, 2009, 1:04:00 PM

Just how exactly is it ignorant of me to prefer sportsmanship over streetball trash talking. These guys are paid millions of dollars and are watched by millions of people. I see nothing wrong with holding them to high standards. If I talk crap like that at my job, I get fired. These guys haven't worked any harder than I have, they just have God-given ability. I don't understand why these guys are given free passes all the time

Anonymous said... Dec 24, 2009, 3:53:00 PM

Dear Mr. Anonymous (at 9.55 & 1:04),
You are quite right to prefer good sportsmanship over trash talk and thug behavior. But when (regardless the pay rate or size of the audience) your competing "fellow workers" engage in tactics willfully designed to END your ability to do your job via PURPOSEFUL injury from a "blindside", then a new "line" has been crossed; and subsequently a like rebuttal is warranted, if not allowed. It will always be so, and there is no statute of limitations on such grudges either, at least not while the “fellow workers” are working in the same field.
I must now point to the December 10, 2007 game between “our” Chargers and “those” Titans, when Lorenzo Neal had his leg broken (accidentally), and also when;

1. Philip Rivers was knocked out of the game (knee) in the second quarter after Antwan Odom rolled up onto his leg after a handoff, a play many Charger players considered “dirty” (Rivers returned late in the game to win it in OT – i.e. football justice).
2. Jamal Williams was injured (ankle) and could not play the second half after being flagrantly, purposefully clipped from behind by Eugene Amano (a cheap-shot deluxe).
3. Shawne Merriman (after two sacks) was also injured (knee) midway through the second quarter, put out of the game when he was the victim of an illegal “crack back” block (away from the play) by David Stewart and Kevin Mawae, working as a pair (Merriman missed the next game also due to this knee injury).
4. And although none of the plays listed above received a penalty flag during the game, five days later the NFL imposed fines on those 3 Titan players that totaled $25,000 (which included another fine on Stewart for striking our Jacques Cesaire AFTER another play).
5. Our Shawn Phillips was also fined for a (then newly illegal) “horse collar” tackle, an actual tackle during an actual play.

Now, Mr. Anonymous, I don’t know what the “tools of the trade” are at *your* job, but in the human rodeo that is the NFL it is the player’s bodies, which they knowingly put at great risk; but ONLY within the confines of the rules. Given that comparison, there can be NO DOUBT that if one of your “fellow workers” forcefully stole your pen or keyboard while you were in the middle of using it, or (more to the point) snuck up on you and BROKE YOUR ARM OR LEG or MUGGED YOU on the way to your car after work, making it impossible for you to be able to return to your job (thereby not getting paid, regardless of pay rate), perhaps forever; then even YOU might break into a vivid, profanity-laced protest or two! If not, congratulations on being the New Messiah.
So while it definitely does NOT make you “ignorant” to prefer civility and/or to question why “these guys are given free passes”, but it is valuable to parallel the context in which we are operating before making a judgment.
Merry Christmas, and Go BOLTS!!!

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