4th and Goal With Jeff Williams - 2009 Playoffs Edition

What is the difference between this year’s San Diego Chargers, who this weekend prepare for their first playoff game of the season (in case you forgot or something), and previous Chargers teams? Maturity and experience are certainly at the top of the list. The young wide receiver and offensive line units have grown by leaps and bounds since last year. But the most important difference has to be injuries, or in this post-season a lack thereof.

Think about it. In each of the last three seasons the Chargers have been mostly the same team playing the way. They have gotten off to slow starts, their offense has been stellar while their defense has been inconsistent yet solid when it counted. But when you look at the health of the team, you’ll find that a majority of the Charger's recent injury problems occurred at the beginning of this season, while a majority of previous injury problems occurred in the middle and end of the regular seasons in 2007 and 2008, leading to struggles in the playoffs.

This is the Chargers’ best chance yet win it all. I don’t base that statement on a stellar 13-3 regular season or an 11-game win streak. I base it on the health of the team. I am a firm believer that a healthy Chargers team would have beaten a then tiring-yet-perfect Patriots team in the 2008 AFC Championship game, and I believe that a healthy Chargers team this year will win it all.

* I find it interesting that most of the media outside of San Diego keep talking about what the Jets have to do to win this game. On one hand, I’m getting a little tired of the lack of attention being paid to the Bolts. Maybe they are jealous of our near perfect “winter” weather, our beautiful sunsets, or our crazy-good Mexican food. On the other hand, that really is a sign of respect. Everyone expects the Chargers to win, and when they aren’t talking about the Jets great defense or great rushing attack, all of the “experts” are still picking the Chargers to win.

* I like Rex Ryan. He is brash, in your face, and is a nasty defensive coordinator. He is as different from Norv Turner as Tony Saragusa is from anyone at an Anorexics Anonymous meeting. Back in 2007 when AJ Smith began interviewing candidates to replace Marty Schottenheimer (may he retire in peace), my first choice was Ryan. It’s very interesting to see Norv and Rex now squaring off in the playoffs. I don’t see this game coming down to the prowess of the head coaches, but if it did, right now I’d put my money on Norv. Unless we were talking about their prowess in Sumo wrestling. Or hot dog eating. But I digress. Let Ryan do the talking… we will let Norv do the winning.


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January 16, 2010

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Anonymous said... Jan 16, 2010, 4:46:00 PM

Jeff, that last line is awesome: "Let Ryan do the talking… we will let Norv do the winning."

Funny how both Ryan and Turner interviewed for the Chargers headcoach job, and now they're facing eachother in the playoffs - should be an interesting matchup to say the least!

Mark said... Jan 16, 2010, 10:57:00 PM

That is a cool poster! Kudos to whoever created it.

and I also agree "Let Ryan do the talking(and eating)… we will let Norv do the winning."

another good line "Let Sanchez throw the INT's......and we'll Rivers throw the TD's."

one more good line "Let the Jets go back to NY and freeze......and we'll let the Chargers bask in the Miami sun, ready to win a SB."

I hope I'm not getting too far ahead. The Colts did look good tonight against the Ravens. Let's take the games one at a time and go all out!!

Go Bolts

Anonymous said... Jan 19, 2010, 2:50:00 AM

i just found your site and i am very impressed. i am not a joiner but an avid reader of quality content and as a bolt fan i will visit often. i lived in san diego from '79 to '01 and miss el diego so much i often feel as if i lost part of my soul. the pads, the beach, the ocean, robertos... hilibertos... albertos... obertos... umbertos... and all the other mexican dives, diners and delicious authentic divine eateries as well as the great golf courses and wonderful friends i left behind. thank God for direct tv or i could not make it through the dark and dreary winters of missouri. or, misery as i call it.
even though the chargers blew yesterday's game to a greatly inferior team, there are few things in my life that get me as excited as seeing any of the "the three best looking unis" take the field. as long as the helmets have the lightning BOLTS on the sides i don't care what color the helmets are.
as far as the game:
1. calling running plays when they have not worked since we let michael turner leave is idiocy. it may be due to a patched-up line or inferior match-ups, but they do not work for out squad. LT is not washed up! why can't he be utilized alla wes welker,( who we let go ) or let him follow a real bruising fullback or at least a pulling guard six to ten times a game. also, six to ten plays throwing to him in the flat or screen passes following a gates led block. mix in tank sproles more and more and draft a bigger running back in the 3rd round or sign one to keep all fresh and allow the bigger back to run up the middle and over the opposition on draw plays and i formation choices. also, the back we draft MUST be a blocker. he must LOVE TO HIT and protect rivers blind side. one gadget play a game and two wildcat plays should take care of our running game and then throw, throw and THROW SOME MORE! that is who we are. fro gillman to coryell to turner... lightning BOLTS are in the air not on the ground.

2. our defense needs at least one loud, nasty, ferocious beast of a baller. a hitter whose father was either a marine or murderer. he has to come in and take over the defense with his presence, posture and swagger. stone cold austin's nephew who was raised chewing on barbed wire instead of his momma's teat.

3. i would replace either the d-line or linebacker coach with the college coach of the defensive draftee i just spoke of in item #2 if he as a mentor type of relationship. let them grow together and get in the mix faster.

4. if a quality college kicker is available a draft choice should be used to show nate his job must be won and he is not a lock. he has to feel accountable for what he failed to do. his job. 0 for 3 is not, will not, can not ever happen again. he may already be broken.

5. the city must find a way to keep the owners happy. personally, i detest corporate welfare. i am an unemployed teacher because of handouts to the city fathers' pimps in both san diego and st.louis where education is not treated with anything close to respect and dignity. but, maybe it is time to go to chula vista before the greeks go to la or anaheim. if the nfl allow a move, THE UNIFORMS AND COLORS AND THE NAME CHARGERS STAYS. hell, look how fast the texans in houston have grown into a contender. one or two more draft and they may be our staunchest competition in the afc.

our window is 2 maybe 3 years with this team. i hope it will be a winning ride!

jdcharger14... FOUTS forever BOLT fans. hopefully RIVERS as well!

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