Jets Head Coach Rex Ryan Gushes About Darren Sproles

New York Jets Head Coach Rex Ryan is known for being outspoken and unafraid of talking a bit of trash. But when the topic of Chargers Running Back Darren Sproles came up, Ryan's eyes lit up in appreciation of the Bolts' electric playmaker as he described Sproles as 'exceptional'

"It's funny, I guess I never realized how exceptional he was until I really started watching tape. And then it's like 'Wow!' He is special, there is no doubt," says Head Coach Rex Ryan.

The Jets have a similar weapon of their own in Leon Washington, and their experience covering the explosive back will be very important in how they choose to match up with Sproles. While not openly admitting it, Rex Ryan basically stated that they'll have someone 'spying' Sproles whenever he is in the game. Whether they use a safety, a linebacker, or a combination of both, the Jets will be committed to not letting Sporles beat them (or so they'll try):

"What a talent he is," Ryan says. "He's very similar to (NY Jets Running Back) Leon Washington; he's that dangerous of a back. Dangerous returner, dangerous out of the backfield, dangerous running the football. We've got to limit his catches and touches on the ball, there is no question."

Ryan finished his thoughts on Sproles with an anecdote of how impressed he was with the young man after meeting him:

"This Sproles kid, I've met him before, and what a class-act he is. Just a great person. Extremely hard worker; I was blown away by the way the kid was working. But wow, what a talent."

It's be interesting to see how Darren Sproles is utilized against the Jets. All the talk this week has so far been about the big matchup of Vincent Jackson and Darrell Revis. While there is no doubt that those two elite young players are at the top of their game, Sproles could be the overlooked X-factor in this game and he could prove to be a difference maker for the Chargers.

January 12, 2010

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Anonymous said... Jan 13, 2010, 4:34:00 AM

Ahh, gamesmanship. Coach Ryan is just blowin' some sunshine up the Charger's ass through the media to try and get inside our head a little; letting them know that Sproles won't be any kind of a "secret weapon" and/or challenging an aging L.T., and/or "killing (Sproles) with kindness" and compliments while letting it be known (without being accused of tampering) that maybe Sproles would look good in a Jets uniform next year. Anything to alter the focus.
It's an old coach's trick to make sure the "pressure" of performing is on the favorites (Bolts), in hopes that they will choke in the clutch. Basically anything to keep attention AWAY from the fact that the Jets are starting a rookie quarterback with a penchant for throwing lots of interceptions. B-O-L-T-S..., BOLTS! BOLTS! BOLTS!

Mark said... Jan 13, 2010, 7:13:00 AM

We absolutely cannot take this Jets team lightly. Their defense is one of the best in the league and Sanchez is getting his mojo back after a horrible mid-season. I remember the Jets upset us in the playoffs a few years back when Nate Kaeding missed a field goal that would have tied or won the game. Sure it was a completely different Jets team back then, but they have the desire that is fueled by Rex Ryan's overconfidence.

We need to beat-down this Jets team to remind them that they got the luck of making the playoffs due to that the Colts and Bengals were resting their starters when they played them the final two games. This team has no business being in the playoffs but, I'm glad we're facing them and not the Steelers who we have had problems with in the past.

The Jets should at least send the Bengals and Jets a fruit basket or something to thank them for greasing the skids for their wild card berth.

We need to make a statement and give Rex Ryan a dose of humility in the form of an absolute slaugter on Sunday.

Go Bolts!

Anonymous said... Jan 13, 2010, 2:28:00 PM

Mark...well said!!! The Jets can be a "risk" to the Bolts only because of their "D", as it was stated, to beat us you better plan on putting up lots of points and the Jets are one dimensional (run-run-pass only if have to) so if our "D" is focused on shutting or slowing down their run game, look out. I agree, I am glad to have the Jets instead of the Pats (always or usually a issue with us, and Bengals (we barely beat them). I also think the Ravens may give Indy fits...I would love to have the opportunity to beat the Ravens after our last game with them. All in all, the Bolts should have a great game, we fans will be way loud, and if by chance the Ravens beat Indy....well guess who have another home game!!! And this time the winner goes to the Big Show! I think the key is Norv and how hard he presses the guys to focus on the plan and not assume a win or look guess Bolts - 28, Jets 17
Go Lighting!!!!!!

Anonymous said... Jan 13, 2010, 3:25:00 PM

The truth is this Charger team is not as all-around powerful as previous teams, and they surely know it. But while they are talented, their true strength this season lies in their one-for-all and all-for-one mentality with a coach that finally knows how to use them (sorry Marty).
The Jets match up very well with our Bolts, and if we can't score, get serious pressure on Sanchez, or stop the run; we will lose. It's a painful concept, but it's as simple as that. And it all has absolutely nothing to do with how the Jets got here or games that happened years ago. This Sunday is a whole new season, starting out at 0 - 0 at 1:40 p.m. on Sunday, and after 60 (or so) timed minutes the only stat that will matter is the final score.
The winner advances, the loser is, well..., lost. Time to walk the dog.
It will probably be a tight game, and I just don't want any of our Bolts to get injured, because we will need them all again NEXT WEEK!!!
C'mon men! Win one for the Mooch, for Jamal, for L.T., even for Natron and Steve Foley; i.e. ALL the Boltmen who have come close before but failed. This is your time, this is your place..., you CAN DO IT!
Go BOLTS!!! (And don't forget to vote for Amanda - She's in 2nd place!)

Jim said... Jan 13, 2010, 6:04:00 PM

Hate to break it to these Jet fans, but your team (led by your classless head coach) is nothing but smoke and mirrors. You would think that you guys are trying to win your 4th Super Bowl with your wishful banter. Reality check - the Bolts will light up the scoreboard. Pick your poison- enough of the Jackson/Reevis matchup. Cover Jackson, and Rivers has a 6 more guys to throw to. PLEASE PLEASE, Jets - just bring on the blitz in your arrogant, foolhearty dillusional fantasies of Super Bowl granduer, and be prepared to be shot down! :-D

kyle said... Jan 14, 2010, 7:07:00 AM

How is the coach being classless? He never says the chargers are a bad team with awful players.All he says is that I think we should be the favorite and I believe we are going to win the superbowl. Whats the point of being in the playoffs at this point if you don't believe you can win it all?

north jet fan said... Jan 14, 2010, 9:25:00 PM

Us Jets are gonna run all over your defense. You will see so much Shonne Greene you will be begging for Thomas Jones and you will get him. Then of course you will stack the box with eight or nine guys thats when we play action and throw one deep. You do have a good passing game but we have the number one passing defense. So line them up and lets get it on. Should be a good game good luck.(not really though).

Mark said... Jan 15, 2010, 8:23:00 AM

Just win this game, Chargers, and end this pipe-dream playoff run for the Jets.

Just remember, it's not only over til' the fat lady (Rex Ryan) sings!!


Mark said... Jan 15, 2010, 8:33:00 AM

LOL- at first, I thought this article was about how Rex Ryan got a bad case of stomach flu (gushing) because of the nightmares he had of Sproles running over the Jets defense.

Get ready with a bottle of Maalox plus and a huge bucket to do more "gushing" in on Sunday, Mr. Ryan. And do us a favor and keep still on the sidelines- we have enough earthquakes out in California as is.

Go Bolts!

Anonymous said... Jan 19, 2010, 2:37:00 PM

JIMMMMMMM whats up with your prediction? Sounds like another classless fan who doesn't know what he's talking about made another of many wrong predictions

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